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Dark Time Sunshine - ANX CD
Dark Time Sunshine - ANX CD

Onry killz, September 16, 2012

Onry is an amazing mc
my favorite by far
his imagination goes where no one else dares
Zavala is inspiring

Busdriver - Beaus$Eros CD
Busdriver - Beaus$Eros CD

Good Junx, April 21, 2012

Man, after all the bad spiel thrown at this release i was thinking what a sad spot for Bus to be in. Jheli Bean was a let down after RCOK. So i expected something that i couldn't listen to much. Busdriver does a great job on this album. An amazing synth~hop album.

Grayskul - Scarecrow 12" Single
Grayskul - Scarecrow 12" Single

Stay away o.k., September 24, 2007

The song 'Scarecrow' was played live for me twice
that had it going through my dome for a long ass time
and now that it's on wax
i be screaming the lyrics on the street, biking with my headphones
in other words
buy this
it just might save your life.....tonight

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