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Deep Rooted - The Second Coming CD
Deep Rooted - The Second Coming CD

Way late on this., August 21, 2007

I didn't know much about Deep Rooted other than fellow AHH member Stacks Malone had provided the cover art, and I had heard a song of theirs on myspace. I figured Stacks knew what was proper enough to support and the myspace track was nice so I went ahead and got this...

What a pleasant surprise it was; these four got soul. Anyway, one of the track titles "Feel Good Music" pretty much sums the whole thing up by itself. But if I had to choose another word to sum the album up - clean. Clean vocals (really though), clean beats, clean rhymes; and the best part is that each of the pieces fit together seamlessly. This is a complete project, no holes. And I haven't even mentioned the guest spots yet, which are featuring the right people and are spaced out just enough to be refreshing but not overwhelming.

I definitely won't be sleeping on the next one.

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