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June 9, 2016
There's always something new at and in store. Mark has a great variety of Hip Hop and his website efficiency is almost unmatched as far as Hip Hop Cd's selling online. San Diego needs to utilize Access Hip Hop on Garnet Ave to the fullest! They are one of your only CD retailer's left!!
Cesar aka Mr Ceza
Bay Area California
November 1, 2015
Always a pleasure doing business with people who share the same love & passion as you do when it comes to hip hop culture. Peace & Love yall... AmBish
Ambish(J. Mapes)
Bridgetown (Portland)
September 21, 2015
Access HH you're awesome!The item i have ordered from you has arrived in Italy within ten days and it's perfect!
Novara- ITALY
June 28, 2015
Excellent service, great website!
Sophie Harris
March 8, 2015
I really wanted to say how much I appreciate all of you at access hip hop I walked in the other day and asked Mark if he had heard of Hot Sugar he said he hadn't I told him that I was interested he looked it up online found out who he was and directly ordering off the catalog as I was standing there they're now carrying it in their stores I feel truly truly honored. Hot sugar should too
brian Jensen
July 22, 2014 IS THE BEST!! Excellent selection of independent HipHop! Great job,I love you guys!! ~~~
November 24, 2013
Yo what up Mark and everyone at Access Hip Hop - well thanks for the great service everytime I order from here I always get it fast and on point , as I kinda knew my cousin likes the GOYA slbum , I thought i would start him off kinda new & street but man UGLY HEROES now thats a CLASSIC every track man wow! APOLLO BROWN is nice man word anyway Love doing business the only place I can rely on to get CD's nowadays & fresh uncut musci you will NEVER hear on the radio 2bad but people hear it thru me & it feels special thanks ACCESS HIP HOP
Mannex Travezano
Paterson, New Jersey
June 17, 2013
Keep up the GREAT work guys always have the Goods. The customer service is the Best. **Word**
Joey Miller
Kentucky (USA)
April 16, 2013
I try to support real artists. I stay away from mainstream cuz that Shit's too Hollywood for me. Mad luv to TIM Burton aka Deceit and keep doin what you do playa. Love & Respect homie! Good luck my friend.
September 12, 2012
Just wanted to say thanks for the super fast shipment and thanks for the pro packaging job on the vinyl and cds everything was in pristine condition when it showed up!
BC, Canada
August 13, 2012
I Ordered 3 cds to sweden, and they arrived really fast. But when they got here in a bubble wrap package, the cd plastic had been broken and booklets were a little bent in the corner.. i dont know if its accesshiphop fault or the post but bubble wrap usually aint such a good idea when sending cds..
July 5, 2012
I love your site. You make it so easy to stay up on game and you've laced me up on a ton of artists. Good lookin. P.S. please holla at Kirby Dominant to re-up all his shit, he gotta be my fav right now but i only have a couple of albums. I'm starvin. PEACE
June 21, 2012
Cd came fast . It was a digi pack and was bent in the corners and I'm a collecter so I like my things to be mint . Couldn't tell it was bent until I opened it because of the shrink wrap covering the bends . Glade I got a hold of this rare cd at a fare price but disappointed in the condition I recieved it . It might have been the post offices fault but it's also your fault for packaging it in a bubble wrap envelope .
Price is wrong
May 25, 2012
I've missed you guys...that is all. Thank you!
Matt Vella
Santa Rosa CA
May 7, 2012
Couldn't be happier. Shipping time was very fast and product description was accurate.
April 9, 2012
Awesome source for Hip Hop~ This service shines when it comes to providing excellent material that are typically unavailable via most other mainstream sources. You'll always have my support. Keep up the god work!
Angel Carlos Viera
Tampa, FL
February 1, 2012
A.H.H. got the sh*t on lock! found some rare vinyls on sale for cheap a$$ prices yo! wide selection from the best of the best. from CVE to MOOD to MC Shan to Freestyle Fellowship AccessHipHop knows its music! big ups for being located in SD! lightning fast shipping! quick service! awesome deals! flawless experience with these cats from the 619!
Nasty City ~ SD
January 4, 2012
Fantastic service, friendly and completely professional. Treated me as a customer like I would have wanted in every way. Thank you for a truly great service
November 17, 2011
Amazing customer service and lightning quick delivery. Ordered an album on its release date and got it two days later in Houston. Thanks~
Houston, Texas
November 5, 2011
Hello, You guys are really great. You have all that excellent hip hop we don't have in Belgium. Love that side road records music. Factor really knows how to bring down the beat for every particular emcee. Just ordered 9 new side road's and you guys are very fast shipper's. Got my first 2 within a week. Thanks and much regards Bart
bart verspecht
October 20, 2011
You guys have a great thing going for you with this website. I haven't been to your actual store but continue to purchase through your website because of the great selection and customer service. I recently ordered a few cd's from you and asked to receive Rhymesayers or Def Jux posters and that is exactly what I received! Keep up the great work and I will keep ordering. Thanks.
New York
October 5, 2011
You guys rock (or should I say hip-hop)! Ordered late Tuesday from the UK, CDs delivered to me in the UK the following Tuesday. Awesome delivery speed, no hassles and free CD chucked in. Great range, tons of music I can't get here in the UK. Now gotta save up for my next order. Keep up the good work.
Olly Clarke
September 26, 2011
Big shout out to the staff at Access. Once again they have hooked me up with a hard to find CD. Please support this storefront. They take care of their customers. Thanks again. Peace.
Franklin H. Trinity
Staten Island, NY
September 21, 2011
Thax-A-Lot 4 dope LP's!
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
August 12, 2011
My copy of MRR-ADM Archive arrived yesterday- fast, fast shipping! Probably gave the mac a few viruses prior trying to obtain this elsewhere thru other means...So! Happy! to have found you!! Will definitely order from again, and will check store out next time back in San Diego. Much love, from Detroit
cheri allen
July 11, 2011
This company goes out of their way to show respect to me as a customer. I've been ordering from here since their website was new and they have answered every need or question I've ever had with 100% perfect service every single time. This is just one of the many reasons that make this store the best online hip hop store there is and ever might be. While other mainstream music stores and online music stores close down during the digital age of music this one still survives. Keep supporting this place!
July 6, 2011
I always come back to these guys. They always get exclusive re-issues. Thanks again.
May 29, 2011
i love your online store! Your service is speedy and professional. I have one request. I would love to buy a fill in the breaks xl shirt,and mf doom shirt but they have been out of stock. Is there any way you can restock for me? i would appreciate it very much and keep up the great work!!!!
ryan wilson
new york
May 13, 2011
I am writing this for anyone who is on the fence as whether to order from I personally want to vouch for them as I have spoken with their personnel through e-mail a number of times and I always get prompt and courteous replies usually within one or two days sometimes the same day. They were willing to look for out of stock items on my behalf, often going beyond the normal call of duty to foster an impeccable customer relationship. My recent order was Moka Only's "Airport 5". They looked out for me on this specific order and shipped it one day earlier than the in stock date on the website. They always have the scoop on the new music as I waited for this to be released physically. They have a dedicated staff that is into music as much as you are. I want to big up and tell you that you are the best site around. Peace.
Franklin Trinity
Staten Island, New York
April 22, 2011
I LOVE this store. If there is any negative I would say about the store, it is that I spend way too much money here. Everyone that works there is super helpful and very knowledgeable about hip hop. I have a few of my friends from LA ordering off here as well now. I wish I knew about this store years ago!
Chad G.
San Diego
April 20, 2011
I would like to personally thank everyone at! You guys ALWAYS come through with the best service! My last order was damaged upon arrival and i spoke with your helpful staff and they pledged to make it right. My latest order was made, and it arrived in three days! Well before the estimated delivery date of the 26th! The package was marked fragile per my request, and the Lp's were even packed with extra bubble wrap! Thanks again guys, you are the best!!! Sincerely. Chris
Christopher Shick
Oxford, Michigan
April 15, 2011
you guys are the best. asked for stickers and got them! thanks! And the Cds came next day! you guys are the best! thanks! visit EARTOTHEUNDERGROUPND.NET
david ocho
April 12, 2011
I just wanted to thank you guys at access for such a great and reliable service. I've ordered several times and each time I receive an order I am 100% satisfied with my package. Thanks keep up the good customer service.
leesset cabrera
ontario ca
April 3, 2011
saw kruse in missoula mt in 07 my first rap concert being i was 54 got to meet crew and help them set up being that im ol roadie was so impressed bought his cd true stories that everybody young or old that i turned on to it loved it ive worn it out to the point it wont play correctly any more thats why i ordered a new one. tx batch
e batchelder
shoreline wa 98177
March 31, 2011
Thanks again for the hook up on Dog River. Moka and Def3 rip through this cd. I suggest that anyone who visits this site check it out. Shipping was fast as always. Anyone new to the site, please do not hesitate to order. Access will not let you down. Cannot wait to order from you again. Access is dope. Peace.
Staten ISland, New York
March 22, 2011
your website/store is amazing. i have been ordering from you guys for a few years now. never been dissatisfied with your selection or pricing. shipping is outstanding meaning sometimes same day. best selection and knowledge of the best underground hip hop around. if i am ever able to hit up san diego,ca i am def coming to the physical store. i hear it is outstanding.
Timothy DeVita
New York
March 18, 2011
Reading, PA
March 8, 2011
Nothing but good things to say about this site. I put in an order to ship to Vancouver, and received it very fast with cheap shipping rates. All questions that I had were answered back by ACCESS. This site is jam packed with all the good ish. In Canada its really hard to find the good underground hip hop, most of it is not available at your local HMV. I didn't know ordering on line is so easy. All you need is a legit source like ACCESS and away you go. Speaking of which, its time for me to put in my next order. Looking forward to ordering much more from this site. Thanks access for keeping it TREAL. PEACE
February 2, 2011
I wanted to thank you for carrying the new Talib cd. I was hesitant to buy at first because it was rumored to be a digital only release and I dislike buying mp3 albums. Aside from your quick shipping you still hooked me up with another cd and other free stuff. Thank you for supporting real hip hop and people who still like to buy cd's. I recommend you to everyone that I can. Thank you. Peace.
Staten Island, New York
January 24, 2011
Thanks for the heads-up on short fuze Wes,You guys do one hell of a job!!! Later Will
December 26, 2010
I placed my first order with you guys recently. The shipping was really fast and I was updated on my packages whereabouts vie email. Sick hoodie too. I'm gonna be ordering from you guys a lot more.
December 2, 2010
You're doing great! I mean really GREAT! I love Access HipHop! Enough said. : ) peace
Thilo Beenhouwer
November 17, 2010
Another fast shipment from Access. It's amazing that you carry such rare cds from other countries with the prices that are truly competitive. I am a huge fan of Canadian hip hop and you never disappoint with your cd selection. Then you have the nerve to include a variety of free items with reasonable shipping costs. Thanks for making me a repeat customer with no hesitation to order or recommend your website to other. You make other websites ashamed. Thank you for your exemplary service and customer care. Peace.
Franklin H. Trinity II
Staten Island, New York
November 8, 2010
I'm a first time customer and the service was right made my order Thursday of last week and it arrived today 2 thumbs up we will be doin some more bidness
Jason Williams
St. Louis, MO
November 7, 2010
Not only are your prices and shipping the lowest i know of, but the service is great and prompt. thanks for keeping cd sales going.
james salmons
nanaimo bc
October 27, 2010
I ordered Moka Only's "Moka Only...Is Ron Contour". It is difficult to find for one thing however your website had it and at a really affordable price. I was very pleased with my purchase and the speed at which the item arrived. I was also very happy to receive the free items also. It was such a deal shopping at your website. I will be sure to recommend this website to all my friends because of the stellar service. Thank you.
Franklin H. Trinity II
Staten Island, New Yotk
October 9, 2010
I was looking for a rare Mic Hogg CD (Imaginery Friends)and I was told it was on this site. I was sad to find out that you don't carry it anymore. Will you ever get more? You guys should carry his CD. Thank You.
Canaan Bradley
Ashland, KS

Reply from Access: This was a CD a friend of the artist had placed in our store on consignment. We kept it in our inventory for over a year and a half, and not one copy sold. After that, we returned the CDs. We always state up front when we take consignments that if they don't sell after 6 months they will be returned, but we are often generous enough to keep them longer. We don't have space in the store to keep all consignment CDs in stock forever.

September 23, 2010
I wanted to order Siah & Yeshua DapoED. Internet would only give me links of 50$ cds. Then somebody gave me this adress where I could find the Visualz Anthology for 15 bucks, I was stoked. I was even more stoked when I found out I could request free goodies. So I ordered the cd. It was shipped on the same day and arrived to Quebec like 5 days after. This website is life. Mad props, and thanks for helping real hip hop in it's battle for survival.
Olivier Latulippe
Magog, Quebec, Canada
September 14, 2010
Hey, i got nothing but Luv for this store :-) on Friday 10.September 2010 i both 2 rare CDz,and today Monday 13.September i got them whit my post mail. Excellent Service!! No.1 CD Store 4real. Super Fast Shipping! A+++++
Sonny Milde Pedersen
August 10, 2010
I've ordered "No Room for Dessert" the other day, it arrived today and the case is BROKEN! Checking the CD, now. Still wanted whole and healthy 'order' to arrive here and it didn't... Sooooooo... What are you planning to do about that (me, being a bit unpleased)!? J
Julia Scarlet Mau
Eschweiler, Germany

Reply from Access: we corresponded with Julia and were unable to determine why the jewel case arrived broken. The CD inside was not damaged, and she wanted to keep it, so we sent her a free CD to compensate.

July 26, 2010
Easily the best website that offers hip-hop/instrumental/rap albums online. Been shopping with Access for years and is always my first choice when ordering music. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.
East Coast
June 4, 2010
I waste alot of time looking at things that are out of stock. Maybe you could remove them from the site until they are re-stocked or put them in an out of stock/wish list section. It would make browsing your site sooooo much better.
Brian Christensen
Las Vegas, NV
May 28, 2010
Best hip hop site in the world. I have bought over a hundred cd off of you guys,(mainly the Legends) over the past 7 years. just want you to know that... I FUCKIN LOVE YOU ALL LOL
May 10, 2010
Access hip-hop is the best!
Christopher l shick
Oxford, MI
May 4, 2010
I'm glad there's a place that has all the music i could ask for. keep it up. support your local record store. i really appreciate the variety of cds and vinyl thanks a bunch ... Jess
Jesse Lloyd
san diego
April 5, 2010
Very pleased with all the content of both site and physical music selection. Definitely the first place i look for music.
Anthony NM
April 2, 2010
Exceptional service, always quick response & delivery. For the most part, I'd say your selection is tasteful, good selection of project blowed and affiliates. However, I would like to inquire about the possibility of certain dj drez mix's/albums, on both cd/vinyl getting restocked or ordered in the near future? Besides that, great shop!
March 10, 2010
Hey guys. I am a loyal fan to this site and have bought cds quite a few times from here. Great site. I have a site i have created with show events and other things.. i wanted to ask you if i can put your link up to send traffic your way? If at all possible. please let me know. Thank you very much!
David Ochoa
Long Beach ca
March 6, 2010
Stock some AgentStrikNine from SOLIDARITY RECORDS415! six sic songs is the album to get. Check this out and you'll know why I'm asking for it BTW you all need more Bored Stiff gear too.
February 27, 2010
Amazing stuff! I love you, guys!!! Keep up the good work!
Moscow, Russia
February 2, 2010
hi, i support you since a while, but i think your postage costs are to expensive, can you make something about that, please? thanks mike
michael berrichon
montpellier france
January 20, 2010
best wishes for you access hip hop....the best site to pick some awesome stuff......Cheers!
December 29, 2009
thanks for the free swag.
Raoul Duke
December 28, 2009
Nice selection, you have stuff that no one else has in stock and I'm glad you let us pay with paypal. Keep up the good work
Aaron Mercado
December 16, 2009
yoooo! whats the deal with the three dollar price hike on them sumach releases? im with the music, but aren't we in some money crisis?
h town, tx
December 3, 2009
A few days ago I was looking for this t-shirt for my daughter as a Christmas present. You were out of stock and several other sites were, too, (guess it's a pretty popular shirt!). Anyway, you had an option to be notified when it was in stock. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that you got it in already. And your price was competitive, too! Thanks so much - she will be thrilled!
Jean Hamilton
December 1, 2009
Thanks So Much For Existing!!!!! It'd be too hard to get musik without you guys. THANKS A BUNCH... MUCH BIG-UPS TO YA!!
DJ Hinchman
El Paso
December 1, 2009
Good Job on carrying the Gonja Sufi no one else really has this release..... I think in the us or anywhere right now. Thanks...
Benjamin Illgen
November 30, 2009
Access Hip Hop is the best..Really Fast shipping,excellent customer service,Great hip hop cds..And what more you need then this ~ Access HH Rulez ~
November 26, 2009
Unbelievable prompt and professional service! San Diego -> Poland - 6 business days! Thanks again.
November 23, 2009
can u please get some music available for the artist pete philly & perquisite...???
November 15, 2009
Best selection of underground hiphop. Best shipping....Period
Andre Boyd
November 15, 2009
Dope dope online record store all the way around. Excellent customer service and replies to any inquiries regarding music. Super-fast delivery and no complaints about this online website. 10 stars out of 5!!!
Modest Mark
Frisco, Califa
October 26, 2009
nice to find the items i did (just placed an order). shipping cost is a bit high. do you carry the one-handed label? paul white and bullion are both killer.
martin geesey
ardmore, pa.
October 26, 2009
You guys are the best. Excellent customer service, great hard to find vinyl, CD's, clothing and even CASSETTES! THANKS AGAIN for havin the best music selection for underground cali hiphop!
Skyler Hartley
October 7, 2009
yo wes I love that joint that your homies dropped,it's definitely a banga!! Good lookin big dawg!
vince williams
October 7, 2009
Good service as always. Fast as can be and exactly what I expected to receive. Their service started like that years ago and is just as reliable today.
October 2, 2009
Styles of Beyond deserves to have all 3 of their CD's on your site. Other than that, I LOVE you guys! Keep keepin' underground hip-da-hip-da-hip-da-Hip-Hoppin'!!! -MyMeatYourGrill
Brian Christensen
Henderson, Nevada
September 3, 2009
man,wes, i'm lovin' that esh the monolith joint that you blessed me with. I was thinkin' about coppin' it a lil' while back. Glad I didn't or I would have 2 copies... come to think of it that might not be such a bad idea..anyways PEACE!!!
vincent williams
September 2, 2009
Recieved the "D.O.A" Jay-Z 12" today in the mail from you along with the stickers and goodies--Thanks for the speedy fulfillment on my order. Just copped J's "Run This Town" 12" just now. I'm glad someone is out there carrying wax on new stuff. NYC is tough now, mostly 2nd hand shops. Peace, Bobbito
Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love
Harlem, USA
August 28, 2009
just made my first order from your online store, one copy of the jay-z d.o.a. 12", and wondering why the shipping is $6.50, even more than the actual record ($5.95) . . . still looking forward to receiving the tune as it's fire and not even fat beats in nyc is carrying it. thanks bobbito
Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love
New York, NY
August 19, 2009
This site is great! I received my order in TWO days. That's amazing! Hard to find stuff right at your fingertips. I ordered other CDs from another site two days earlier than this order, and the order from Access arrived first. Thanks!
Orlando, FL
August 5, 2009
Just wanted to say thanks ... I've been looking for that Murs & 9th Wonder "Sweet Lord" CD for a minute, and you guys were the only ones who had it ... I'm copping 2 more copies for my boys because they were jealous I had an original copy haha ... I'm not afraid to say I'm a fan ! ... I like owning the actual album, I think downloading takes away from the overall experience of getting into an album ... you guys got a new loyal customer .... respect !
Mike Gerhardt
Long Island, NY
July 31, 2009
This website should change its address to But seriously this website is the bomb the best selection fast shipping great prices what else do you need but maybe some Oreo cookies. Thanks
Las Vegas
July 2, 2009
I kinda live far away but anyways Largin up to the consumers, I got my order in 5 days. Thanks Alot! defo gonna buy more wax here! big ups
Maurice The Hollowgram
Sweden, Pennybridge
July 2, 2009
who gots all the Doomtree CDs, check it out. its the ish. like to see S.D. rockin the goods
matt #19387
June 10, 2009
F'in GRREAT!!! Love this site, very well done...and easy to search with great albums!
Carlos Marquez
Los Angeles
June 2, 2009
Yeah! I love these guys! Great, friendly service and lightning fast overseas delivery! What more can I say!? Just like it should be! THANK YOU and c u soon on the next order!
May 19, 2009
Thank you for always delivering my orders so rapidly, providing competitive low prices, and offering such a wide selection of inventory.
Mountain View, CA
May 13, 2009
5 business days delivery from the USA to S.Africa, arrived in perfect condition. Thank-you AccessHipHop!
South Africa
May 13, 2009
Do you know whats up with Aesop's new album is droppin? It said the 12th but now TBA. I've been waiting forever. You guys are the best! Peace-Ryan
May 7, 2009
Unbelievable prompt and professional service. I will definitely be using your services again.
May 6, 2009
my boyfriend Mike and I love your site and check it out nearly every day. We just went to The Acorns myspace page when we saw it on your specials page. I want to thank you for introducing me to them. I love hip hop but appreciate all music. We will be ordering cd's soon because of course there are some sick new releases. We tell everyone about your site, YOU'RE AWESOME! THANK YOU! always support the underground. peace :)
kelly hatton
bend, or.
April 14, 2009
Received my order 2day. Thanx!!! I'll definitely return 4 more. Great store with a reasonable s&h charges. Much props from Ukraine.
April 10, 2009
You need more daygo rap stocked some ecay uno, mitchy slick & anything wrong kind, cricet, beta bossalini & the whole sidewayz camp, big june, 12 gage shotie, cherry chuck gang, bossman hogg, yall losing out. I can't depend on for my orders
April 8, 2009
Dope Store Alot Of Good Stuff In Stock.. PLEASE Restock On Aesop His Album "As Good As It Gets"..Thank You
Christopher Cs
Ontario, CA
April 8, 2009
Hey, I placed my order last Friday and received the package on Tuesday and I live in the Czech Republic, Europe. Nice. Big up for improving your service. Lukas
April 3, 2009
i need more Romali painted records, that boy is the ish
matt #19387
April 3, 2009
I ordered some cds and it got shipped out the same day and the shipping cost is great. It got here fast too. Thanks for everything. Can you please restock on Mitchy Slick: Trigeration Station, Mitchy-Duz-It, XXL Guns Vol. 1-4, Mitchy Slick & Damu: Strong Arm Robbery2. Ecay Uno: Mental Scars, Operation Elimination. 12 Gauge Shotie: Kan't Stop Bussin. Cricet: War Paint, Blue Damien, No Mercy2. Thanks, I cant find these out here were I stay and need them.
J. Perdido
March 18, 2009
First and foremost, you guys are my favorite music store besides Amoeba (sorry!).. 2 things: Do you ship out of the U.S.? Also, it would be nice and convenient if there was a wish list function on your website because I always want to buy tons of albums from you guys, but don't always have the money for it and I usually end up forgetting some of the albums that I wanted to discover..
Derek Bartolacelli
France currently
March 5, 2009
I don't know how you had Denizen Kane on vinyl but you did and it came fast.
Nate Jackson
Bloomington IL
February 28, 2009
Best site to order from got my items in three days. I will order all my hip hop merchandise from this site.
New Jersey
January 28, 2009
First off THANK YOU for even existing, without I wouldn't be able to enjoy my old favs. Their shipping is GREAT! I placed an order on a Thurs. night had the cds in had Mon. 2pm! Cant wait to buy more.
Ed Quintero
Phoenix, AZ
January 14, 2009
Common Market Black Patch War is listed as Black Patch. Thanks for selling great music and always having an amazing selection. Keep hip hop alive!!!
December 15, 2008
Access is the ultimate source for hip-hop. I would not entrust my business to anyone else online. They carry all the real hip-hop and never front. The vast selection of quality music is ridiculous, the customer service immaculate, and shipping is always on hit! I've watched the site grow over the years, and it just keeps getting better. I like the review feature that has been on the site for a while now, this site is off the hook. Peace
Grantillius Funkarellius
Sucka Free, Cali
December 13, 2008
Hi, I noticed that you don't have trust seals anywhere on your site. (I apologize if I just missed them). As a consumer, I look for trust seals and third party verification from Hacker Safe, Trust-Guard, Truste or the Better Business Bureau. People in the forums and others I talk to all recommend looking for trust seals when shopping online. We need to know that shopping on your site is safe. Thanks Jos Barfuss
Josi Barfuss
December 12, 2008
Just wanted to thank you guys. I had ordered this CD from two other company's who said it was in stock and didn't even have it. You guys have been amazing and my item even shipped the same day I ordered it!
Taryn Wilson
December 9, 2008
The first time i came out to San Diego was because of the Navy and i was looking for a hip hop store and once i found access music there was no turning back. The people there are off the hook, the music selection blows any one else out the water. They can't be stopped so to every one at access music and all the hip hop heads around the world keep supporting and rocking the real hip hop.
Rashard Brown
Charlotte, NC
November 25, 2008
I have been using Access for quite some time to find dope music and I thought it was about time to give you guys some love. They always got dope music in the store and whenever I buy stuff online, it always ships out the NEXT day even though I live reasonably close by. Keep up the great work guys.
Matthew Huddleston
October 11, 2008
I have been going to the physical store since it opened. All of my lunch money goes to this store. If you're a fan of good music then this is the store for you. There's no need to go anywhere else!
Nicolas Nierva
Spring Valley
August 4, 2008
I was able to pick up a CD that no other online store had for a good price, and it came very quickly (faster than expected). Great selection, quick checkout, and reasonable shipping. I already have ordered more CDs. Thanks!
Jack M.
July 30, 2008
I ordered a 12" single from on a Saturday morning- a rare single, I might add- and it was delivered to my door the following Tuesday. That's a trip from San Diego, California to Austin, Texas in just under 2 business days. Combined with unique products and prompt service that the fine folks at offer, I can easily see myself giving them part of my hard earned paycheck for some head nodding tunes. Thanks, AHH.
Frederick Tabares
Austin, Texas
July 16, 2008
awsome service it came like the next day hahahahahaha this site rox homie!
July 15, 2008
You guys are my favorite source of hip hop EVER! I've been tring to get a hold of an album from The CUF called Cufilation plus, can't find it anywhere, can you help me out? Good lookin. PEACE>
Ryan Pearson
July 14, 2008
This site is ill. Fast shipping and they carry a wide range of cd's and vinyl that I couldn't find in other stores.I will be buying from accesshiphop in the future.
nick colucci
June 27, 2008
Hey you guy are doin somthin really sick but I cant believe theres no "Benefit" on your site. Check him out, Serious.
Bay Area
June 6, 2008
You guys are freaking awesome. I have ordered many things from you. They were all received no problem and quickly. Except for one minor free thing, which was taken care of easily and at no cost to me. But here recently i asked a question about an up coming release. In a days time i got my answer. I would say Mark went above and beyond the call of duty to answer me. So thanks a bunch. Peace DJNI
Daniel Nickel
Kearney, Nebraska
June 3, 2008
I've been tring to get Dj Drez's new mixtapes, but Two of them are out of stock. Wondering if there is any way to restock? Good lookin, you guys are the best!!!
May 29, 2008
Really quick shipping, great selection! You guys are awesome!
lpt. california
May 29, 2008
Just wanted to say thanks for the great packaging and shipping. My son found a list of items he wanted from your online store for his 16th birthday. I was shocked when it arrived within 7 days of ordering, particularly coming overseas! You guys are awesome! Thanks again.
Kathleen Robertson
Osan AB South Korea
May 19, 2008
to everyone in access hip hop, thank you for your hard work and continue pressing forward for the future...peace.
Mannex Travezano
Palestine New Jerusalem
May 19, 2008
absolutely AMAZED! i usually buy from you guys, but i was bored and decided to peruse the site for a couple things that i had forgotten to order last time around. so, like the always wax hunter/collector i am, i looked at other artists to see that you guys had THE BUDOS BAND!!!! ever since i heard those guys, i wanted their albums! i had NO idea you guys carried them! now, i'm just hoping you guys would find a way to carry Soil & "Pimp" Sessions, a special POS remix of Minus the Bear tracks, The Black Keys, etc. you guys never cease to amaze me!
edwin yip
elk grove/sacramento, CA
May 5, 2008
Every order is an easy process and the shipping is always timely.. Acesshiphop is great...
James Chavez
April 18, 2008
Since I'm buying ALL my music online I was looking for several time what a website could be the better at price, fast shipping (I'm living in Europe)and high quality music. In the end I decided to give a chance to and since then I never looked back to other websites. Access give me all that I wanted: the good price, the fast shipping, the HQ music...and the confidence in good professional doin' their work. Accurate and pleasant people that answered and help me when I needed. First time I do this in my life but just I wanted to send my feedback to the store and my faithfulness to access. Keep it up guys!
Joseba Rebelde
March 26, 2008
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your online store and enjoy shopping with you. My orders have always shipped quickly and your prices are more than reasonable. I thank you for your service and look forward to making more purchases through your store in the future.
Milwaukee, WI
March 25, 2008
the order came very quickly and was exactly what I was looking for. =)
Emily Corso
San Jose
March 5, 2008
Proper product, top service, real delivery time - First time online shopper with ACCESSHIPHOP & you guys are the BUSINESS! I mean seriously receiving the dope product within 4 days from the USA to NZ is supreme - it's fairly sad here for a lot of our record stores that your service can top them in delivery time and price so I know where I'm shoppin now, Thank you and your team! TC
Aotearoa, New Zealand
February 25, 2008
If I'm not buying directly from an underground hiphop label, access hiphop is my first visit. Regularly visit this site. Your site and service is awesome. Thanks for being so cool.
February 4, 2008
This site has always been a good spot to pick up albums considering I buy most of my music online. I have to say Ive been lucky to pick up some gems on here. There is an album Ive been trying to cop for a while now and I am pretty sure its out of print and out of stock in your Catalog. The Album is Elusive and Josh Koslow "Celestial Impressions" I cant find it anywhere else on the internet so I was wondering if it would be possible for you to get a hold of it again and put it back up on the site I would appreciate that. Please get at me with the details.
Detroit Mi
February 3, 2008
took a chance on this website, and it was way better than expected. gave me a delivery confirmation number via e-mail. super lighting fast shipping. wouldn't worry about my future orders, it won't even cross my mind when it comes to ordering again.
Dirty D
February 3, 2008
Max Hatton
Tahoe Ca
January 17, 2008
You guys are the best source of Hip-Hop EVER!!!! I order from you all the time. But, there is one CD I had stolen from me and I can not find it anywhere and yoy are always out of stock. It is "Moonrocks" ( Bicasso and Nebulus) So, if there is anyway possible you could bring it back, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, you rock. Keep Hip Hop alive!
Ryan Pearson
January 3, 2008
I just went to check my mail box this morning and there was a fat padded envelope - my CD's had finally arrived. I wanna thanks you guys BIG TIME. I ordered before christmas, and I live in Canada, so I expected a little bit of a wait. And like others, I was a little wary/cautious about ordering but I went ahead with it and couldnt be happier. All 5 brand new CD's are here and look to be in great shape! Im gonna go listen to'em now. I'll be ordering from you all in the future. Thanks Alot ''.
J Lambert
Newfoundland, Canada
December 24, 2007
I just thought I would send my feedback for the store..... I order many,many things on line and was very pleased with this site...they have top notch underground selections with a fast shipping speed and no hassles......I ordered several things from other sites before placing my order with this site and received these items before the others...great shipping! I will definitely order from them again.....I had no problems and was more than happy with the service and shipping..... I can only wait to get paid again to spend my hard earned money on the vast catalog of underground goodies that they have to offer.......yipper skipper..good stuff indeed. Much appreciated.
Json J
November 9, 2007
This is the best place 2 get all the real hip-hop things.I recently got a living legend CD and it was in perfect condition.then i got a sweater for a good price 2.thanx 4 everything and u will definatly hear from me again.
ghghf ghfdgh ca
September 23, 2007
wow theirs nothing to say bad about my ordering experience with you guys.i ordered a mixcd a couple weeks back to "test" you guys out because i've had really slow shipping & unfair shipping cost from another underground hiphop store on the web thats all i'll say about them.i ordered on a friday morning & i got my cd from you guys with mondays guys are really fair & fast.A+ in my book & i'll let all my friends know too peace......& say hello to a repeat customer!
DJ d-0ne
805 So.CAL
July 30, 2007
Best site around for all your hip hop needs. I've ordered several times and they're always super speedy and include lots of free stuff. I just got an MF Doom sticker and poster with my cd, and one of the samplers they included had music I'd never heard that I now absolutely love! Awesome service!!!
Amanda Childs
July 6, 2007
Access Hip Hop is perhaps the best online source for all your independant hip hop needs. Prompt speedy service that never fails. I only wish that the site would expand to provide a review section for album reviews. That would rock.
michael denis
Vancouver, British Columbia
July 2, 2007
I ordered a T-shirt, blinked, and the shirt was at my door!!! Thanks so much for the very speedy delivery.
Jessica DeNormandie
Boston, MA
June 29, 2007
the best shop on earth...on all orders : fast shipping, great packaging, good costs...highly recommended...
Świdnica, POLAND
May 17, 2007
I love this site. If no local stores have what I'm looking for, I always look to 1st for any online orders. Without a doubt you guys have the quickest shipping time. Cali to Pittsburgh is a long trip for a Mail-man but somehow it never takes anymore than 2 or 3 days and I really don't know how. I mean the few experiences that I've had with other Inde-Online shops, they can take over a week til the package is in the mailbox. Thank You, It's always a pleasure doing Bid-niss with ya'll
Ross Camillo
May 8, 2007
I live on the east coast and cant get 2 much of that good old west coast underground in the store out here. access has the dopest selection of legends and rhymesayers stuff in the world............................yeah
April 21, 2007
access, pshh... frankly the best location the get the dopest music you ear will ever hear. thanks access, it is through you that i get to hear some of my favorite artists at decent prices, with ALL THE PROMOS! i love it! man im gonna go get me, OH NO- The disrupt album RIGHT NOW!!! PEACE!
Serop Babayan
San diego
April 18, 2007
I am an American hip hop fan who moved to Sydney, Australia last year. I have trouble finding a lot of underground albums out here, so I have placed several orders online. I have made two orders for a total of 3 cd's from Access Hip Hop, and I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated how quickly you got my orders out to me. One order took 3 days and the other took 5. I would have expected it to take much longer for packages to make it from California all the way out here. I will only be ordering from Access Hip Hop from now on, and I will tell all of my friends who listen to hip hop to do the same. I would also like to say that I have never randomly written to any company to thank them for service but you guys deserve it.
Rob Brooks
Sydney, Australia
April 17, 2007
I've ordered from several times but I will never cease to be impressed by the excellent customer service they provide. I ordered late Sunday night and by noon on Tuesday, I've already got it in my hand. Access is by far the best online store I've ever dealt with.
Oceanside, CA
April 7, 2007
I just wanna say that this will be the 3rd time ordering from your company and its by far the best place and speedy receiving of merchandise. Ive tried other hiphop websites but this is by far the best place. Thank You and keep up the good work.
Jorge Martinez
April 3, 2007
March 16, 2007
Hey guys, I just got my package today. I have ordered alot (and I mean a lot) of stuff off the internet, and this service was probably the best I've ever gotten. Great work.
J. Alexander Salton
February 5, 2007
I am a faithful customer to your store both online and when Im in SD, and I just wanted to tell you that your employee Wes has always been of great help to me. He never ceases to give great recommendations and introducing me to new artists that always fit my music taste exactly.Alot of music related retail stores have employees who have a bad 'elitist' type of attitude when it comes to helping the customer, and I just wanted to let you know, he is a great asset to your company, with a good welcoming personality. I work in retail and can definetly recognize and appreciate good customer service.
Casey Horan
November 19, 2005
I want to thank you for the speed in which you fulfilled my recent order. I also want to thank you for carrying dope records that are otherwise hard to find. I have been searching many years for DJ Drez's Cool Fantastic mixtape. My best friend in high school and I cruised around the streets of Memphis many nights listening to that tape - it was one of our favorites. He is deceased now, so that makes having it all the more special to me. Also, please forward my thanks to Drez for signing it, that was a nice touch that is appreciated. Incidentally, I originally got that tape way back then from this kid named Chad we went to school with. He is one of the founders of Memphix records along with a guy named Luke (Red Eye Jedi). They used to own a little record shop on Young Ave in Memphis that had hard to find B-Boy tapes and records. Anyhow, I want to thank you for carrying Memphix records as well, as they are always limited press and hard to get your hands on. Thanks for the great service, I will always check your site first when I'm virtual crate diggin' from now on.
Winston-Salem, NC

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