Labels F
F5 Records
FFFR Records
Faces Records
Fader Label
Faeva Afta
Fake Four
Fake Four / Seaport Music Records
Fall Reign
Family Groove
Far Out Recordings
Fat Beats / Uncle Howie
Fat Beats Records
Fat Beats Records / Frozen Files
Fat Beats Records / Man Bites Dog Record
Fat Boy Music Group
Fat City Records
Fat Possum Records
Fat Sacks Films
FatBoy Muzik
Federal Prism
Feed The Peeps
Feelin' Music
Female Fun Records
The Few Records
Fieldwerk Recordings
Figure & Ground
Fillmoe Coleman Records
Filtheeimmigrants Music
Filthy Broke Recordings
Finders Keepers Records
Firewater Music
First Generation Rich
First Things First
First Word
Five Day Weekend
Five Easy Pieces
Florida Records Brazil
Flospot Records
Flowmaster Recordings
Fly Casual Creative
Fly Definition
Fly Pig
Flying Buddha
Flypaper Records
Fod Entertainment
Fonoslut Records
Fontana North
Fool's Gold / Future Classic
Fool's Gold Records
Footlong Development
For Da Record
For Members Only
Foreign Exchange Music
Formula Abstract
Forward Movement
Fresh Records
Fresh Selects
Freshchest Records
Friends of Friends
Friends of Sound
Frontline Entertainment
Full Plate
Funk Night Records
Funk Shit Up Records
Funk Volume Records
Funky Ass Records
Funky Breaks Unlimited
The Funky Chemist
Funky Town Grooves
Further Edukation
Future Primitive Sound

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