E-Jay - Sound Advice CDR

E-Jay - Sound Advice CDRE-Jay
Label: Evolution DJs
Year: 2005
Price: $9.00
Format: CDR

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Dope mix CD with late 80s and early 90s hip hop, 70s funk and soul, plus classic b-sides.

1.Sound Advice Intro - 'Musical Sample'/JVC Force - 'Unsolved Mysterme'
2.Das EFX, Black Moon, East Flatbush Project, Del
3.Mystic - 'The Life' (E-JAY remix)/ILLTRAXX Scratch Interlude
4.Diggable Planets Medley - 'Where I'm From'/'9th Wonder'/'Cool Like That'
5.Ultra Magnetic MC's - 'One, Two'/Lords Of The Underground - 'Here Comes The Lords'
6.Stetsasonic - 'Forever My Beat'/'Sally'/Real Roxane - '(Bang Zoom) Let's Go Go'
7.Company Flow - 'Vital Nerve'/Camp Lo - 'Luchini'/Big L - 'Put It On'/The Nonce - 'Mixtapes'
8.Black Sheep - 'Flavor Of The Month'/Whodini - 'I'm A Ho'
9.The Pharcyde - 'Passin' Me By (E-JAY remix)'/Slick Rick - 'Teenage Love'
10.Louie Rankin - 'Typewriter'/Johnny Osbourne - 'Buda Bye'
11.Asher D & Daddy Freddie - 'Brutality'/Terminator X - 'Mash It Up'
12.Poor Righteous Teachers - 'Easy Star'/Jamalski - 'Do It In The Dancehall'
13.Rated X - 'Ruff Stuff'/Rayvon - 'No Guns, No Murder'/Yard Boy Ten - 'Dancehall Mix'
14.Krs One - 'Let's Go (E-JAY remix)'
15.Marley Marl - 'He Cuts So Fresh'/Rakim - 'Microphone Fiend'/Salt & Pepa - 'I Got An Attitude'
16.Styles Of Beyond - 'Atomic Zen'/Walkmen - 'Fortruss'/Boac - '19 Ninety Now Theme Transmission'
17.Super Lover Cee & Cassonova Rud - 'Do The James...'/Analyst - 'Vivaldi Break'/Tung Twista - 'Mr. Tun
18.Blvd Massive - 'Can't Escape The Hypeness'/Bush Babees - 'We Run Things (E-JAY remix)'/Common - 'I U
19.Prime One, R-Cue, Replay - 'Scratch Interlude'/James Brown - 'Mass Influence(Instrumental)'
20.War - 'Heartbeat'/Rush - 'Tom Sawyer'/The Meters - 'Hand Clap Song'/Isley Brothers - 'It's Your Thin
21.Ruthless - 'Who U Fuckin With'/'Funky Ain't It'
22.Rakim - 'Follow The Leader'/Ultramagnetic MC's - 'Poppa Large'/Uptown - 'Its My Turn'
23.Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff - 'Brand New Funk'/Whistle - 'Buggin Out'/KMD - 'Gasface RMX'
24.Main Source - 'Looking At The Front Door'/Abracadabra - 'Pay Your Dues'/UFTO - 'Bite It'/Ultramagnet
25.Kid N Play - 'Getting Funky'/X-Clan - 'Head The Word Of The Brother'
26.De La Soul - 'Saturdays'/Special Ed - 'The Mission'/Gang Starr - 'Skillz'
27.A Tribe Called Quest - 'Once Again'/Led Zeppelin
28.LL Cool J - 'Gets No Rougher'/Tuff Crew - 'My Part Of Town'/Cash Money & Marvelous - 'The Mighty Har
29.Paris - 'Devil Made Me Do It'/'Break The Grip Of Shame'/Eric B. & Rakim - 'Juice'
30.Freshco & Miz - 'We Don't Play (E-JAY remix)'/Kraftwerk Medley

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