Orko Eloheim - Forbidden Physics CDR

Orko Eloheim - Forbidden Physics CDROrko Eloheim
Label: 777 Beats
Year: 2010
Price: $10.95
Format: CDR

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It's finally here! Orko fans worldwide unite and rejoice! I remember hearing as far back as 2006 that it was almost going to be picked up by Ninja Tune. Unfortunately nothing came of it and the San Diego underground hip hop legend worked on several other projects while perfecting and waiting for the right time to drop Forbidden Physics including his project with Odessa Kane and the Left Handed Scientists album with Anti-Citizens. He's also appeared on many other local artists' albums holding it down for the scene here and performs at too many shows to even count. This is quite possibly Orko's best and most refined work to date, handmade and all! Orko has been actively putting San Diego hip hop on the map for almost two decades and has never sacrificed his style for anybody else's interests...when you talk about people keeping it real, this is one of the guys who actually lives up to it. Whether he's rapping fast over drum-n-bass or the hardcore, spaced-out abstract beats that he is known for...Orko wants to remind us that he is and always has been hip hop first and foremost! One love, homie.

Please note: Orko has decided to discontinue the CDR format.

1.Worlds of Resurrection
2.Psycho Gunpowder
3.Average American
4.Forbidden Physics
5.All Expendable
6.Space Travel
7.IGF (feat. UNKL FSTZ)
8.Article 88
9.Dead Environment
10.Solomon 7
11.Implementing the 10th Dimension
12.Alien Contact
13.Orko Runs This City
14.Gods Go To War
15.MPC vs MP3
16.PGP Remix

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Eloheem, March 17, 2010
By: Jimmy Powers - See all my reviews

Orko stalks Freddie Krueger in his nightmares...


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