Various Artists - New West Vol 2 2xCD

Various Artists - New West Vol 2 2xCDVarious Artists
Label: Shut 'Em Down Entertainment
Year: 2005
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Disc 1
1.Black Mikey - 'Intro'
2.Complex - 'Raise The Bar'
3.Lil B-Stone, Lunch Meat - 'New West Reppin'
4.Big June - 'Southeast San Diego'
5.Damu - 'Gangsta'
6.Mitchy Slick - 'Ho Cake'
7.Cricet - 'Weed Music'
8.Steve Vicious - 'Ardlikerottweiler'
9.Ms. Chatney - 'All About Mine' (feat. Kitty)
10.Lil C.S. - 'Don't Get It F'ked Up'
11.Robb Carter - 'Bring The West Back'
12.Ecay Uno - 'Look At Urself' (feat. Khalledah Ishe)
13.Gangsta Gold Macnificent - 'All In The Game' (feat. Big Jokes)
14.Mary Jane Junkeez - ''
15.I-Rocc - 'Here We Go'
16.La'Thena - 'Bang Tuff'
17.Contraband - 'So Whatcha Wanna Do'
18.The Barter Boys - 'Players Ball' (feat. K-Style)
Disc 2
1.Cee Wee 3 - 'Tha Product' (feat. Googie Monsta)
2.12 Gauge Shotie - 'U Already Know' (feat. Lil B-Stone)
3.Cricet - 'Spray' (feat. Contraband)
4.Beta Bossalini, Do Do, Macnificent - 'Down The Highway'
5.Domino - 'Win Or Lose'
6.San Quinn - 'Gangsta Touch' (feat. Phats Bossi)
7.The Mobstaz - 'Raw-Gangsta-Don't-Give-A-F'c-Sh*t'
8.Kitty - 'Ms. Millie'
9.Steve Vicious - 'Way Too Many'
10.Mr. Lil One - 'Ain't No Need' (feat. Big Young)
11.Tony Fresh, La'Thena, Complex - 'Somethin's Gotta Give'
12.Baby Krown - 'Street Life' (feat. Shamika)
13.Big Yog - 'First Blood' (feat. Stacy)
14.Gangsta Gold Macnificent - 'Stop Breathin'
15.Steve O.G. - 'Super Chicken'
16.Kambino - 'Money, Burners, & Pistols'
17.Mackvillin, Cee Wee, Illicit - 'Catch Your Fade'
18.Big June, Ern Bo, Young Sicc, Mally - 'Southest S.D. (remix)'
19.Maurice J. - 'Outro'

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