Various Artists - Can't Stop Won't Stop Mix CD

Various Artists - Can't Stop Won't Stop Mix CDVarious Artists
Label: Quannum Projects
Year: 2005
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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Used copy, very good plus condition.

Mixed by DJ D-Sharp and DJ Icewater.

1.D-Sharp - 'Just Can't Stop'
2.Lyrics Born - 'Kingston '73' (Zen's In This Mix)
3.Leroy Smart, Max Romeo, Jah Lion, The Upsetters
4.Lyrics Born, Augustus Pablo
5.Lateef The Truth Speaker - 'Bronx '68'
6.The Gangs Of The Bronx - 'War And Peace'
7.Ghetto Brothers - 'Ghetto Brother Power'
8.Joyo - 'A Creation Myth' (D-Sharp's Back To Sedgwick Mix)
9.Mandrill, Coke Escovedo, Dennis Coffey, James Brown, Funk Inc.
10.DJ Kool Herc - 'Call Me Herc' Johnny Pate - 'Shaft In Africa'
11.Joyo - 'The Start Of Something Big'
12.Pow Wow & Jazzy Jay, Afrika Bambaataa
13.Afrika Bambaataa & Jazzy Jay - 'Bam's Faith'
14.Lise Lee - 'Live At Bronx River'
15.Grandmaster Melle Mel - 'The Summer Of '79 At The T-Connection'
16.Lyrics Born - 'The Anonymous Rappers' DJ Icewater - 'Good Timing'
17.Chuck D - 'Hip-Hop On A Record' (D-Sharp's Hip-Hop On Wax Supreme B-Boy Mix'
18.The Boogie Boys, Super 3
19.Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5, Funky 4 + 1 More, Treacherous 3, 7th Wonder
20.Crazy Legs - 'Worldwide Understanding' (D-Sharp's At The Roxy Mix)
21.Fantastic 5 Freaks, Blondie, Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force
22.Popmaster Fabel - 'Going Downtown'
23.Kool Lady Blue, Tom Tom Club, Pumpkin All-Stars, Grandmaster Flash
24.Chief Xcel - 'The Other Planet Rock' Curumin - 'Indio Danca Na Roda'
25.Dillinger - 'Cokane In My Brain'
26.Chief Xcel - 'Rick's Ready Rock'
27.Toddy Tee - 'The Batteram' (Commercial Version)
28.Chuck D - 'The Ultimate Black Melting Pot' (D-Sharp's Whylin' On The Island Mix)
29.JVC Force - 'Strong Island'
30.Bill Stephney, Public Enemy, Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, Stezo, Public Enemy
31.Ronnie Hudson - 'West Coast Poplock'
32.The Gift of Gab - 'Uncle Jam's Army'
33.The Gift of Gab - 'Things Done Changed'
34.The Gift of Gab - 'The New Blues' (D-Sharp's All About Reality Mix)
35.Above The Law, King Tee, NWA, Compton's Most Wanted, Low Profile, Eazy E, MC Ren
36.Joyo Velarie - 'Risking It All'
37.Daude Sherrills - 'A Vision Of Peace'
38.Kam - 'Peace Treaty' (White Label Mix)
39.DJ Kool Herc - 'The First Coast'
40.Lateef The Truth Speaker - 'Revelation Time'
41.The Goodie Mob - 'Cell Therapy'
42.Lateef The Truth Speaker - 'A New Generation' (Icewater's Better World Mix)
43.Maroons - 'If'
44.Lyrics Born - 'Last Trumpet Remix'
45.Curumin - 'Cade O Mocoto' (Essa Coisa)

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