One Be Lo - Sonogram CD

One Be Lo - Sonogram CDOne Be Lo
Label: Fat Beats Records
Year: 2005
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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One of the BEST ALBUMS of 2005! YOU MUST PICK THIS UP! Just listen to the sound clips and you WILL BE SOLD! One Be Lo (formerly One Man Army) was part of the extremely dope, Binary Star. GET IT!!!!

All songs produced, arranged and sequenced by One Be Lo. Beats: 1, 4, 6, 7, 11, 15, 19, 22 One Be Lo, 2, 9, 21 Magestik Legend, 3, 5, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20 Decompoze, 8 & 12 by Chic Masters. Additional vocals on 7 by Marvin Scruggs. Cuts: 2, 3, 8, 10, DJ Virus, 18, 20 DJ Phrikshun, 20 DJ Virus & DJ Phrikshun.

2.The Underground
3.enecS eht no kcaB click to listen
4.Questions (feat. f. Abdus Salaam / Charmaine Gibson)
7.The Ghetto
8.Axis click to listen
9.Sleepwalking (feat. Ka Di)
10.True Love (feat. Decompoze) click to listen
12.Used 2 Be Fly
13.Deceptacons click to listen
14.Can't Get Enough (feat. Magestik Legend)
16.Evil of Self (feat. f. Abdus Salaam) click to listen
17.The Future
19.The Capital IST
20.Rocketship click to listen
21.Unparalleled (feat. Magestik Legend)
22.Follow My Lead

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Re-issue Madness!!, October 18, 2008
By: Gfunk - See all my reviews

Oh man, the bonus tracks on this re-ish bang ridiculous! Harder than the originals, hand down. The Pete Rock version of Decepticons is so lethal I can't stop smackin' it again and again! Just imagine an entire One Be Lo/Pete Rock collab album, that shit would be an instant classic!! Props to fat beats for making an incredible album even better.

Sounds Of Nashid Originate Good Rhymes And Music (5 Stars), March 26, 2008
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

I purchased this album on pure recommendation from Los Angeles based rapper Murs. I read an interview with him on the web, and he was just raving about how good One.Be.Lo was. I figured that a well respected rapper such as Murs would have great taste in hip-hop music, which he obviously does, because this album is excellent. One.Be.Lo brings a lot to the table with his solo debut, keeping it truly underground. The album is a very clear representation of what One.Be.Lo is all about; which wasn't so clear in his past collaborative efforts. His music is empowering, and introspective. But he really steps forward in his lyrical delivery, which is very passionate. There isn't really a record quite like it. I could slightly compare it to early Black Eyed Peas or The Roots when considering it's soulful jazzy rhythms, but he just does it so much better in comparison (it also helps that he's underground). He actually has a lot of influences from the likes of Brand Nubian, Nas, Ice Cube, KRS-One and also Poor Righteous Teachers.

From the album's introduction, the music will keep your head nodding for the entirety of it's 70 minutes in length. It will keep you thinking, "Yeah, this is where it's at." One.Be.Lo signed a three record deal with the Fatbeats label; but when examining this devastatingly long record, it would seem that this is the last chance he'll ever have to prove himself in the rap game. Even though it's so long, their doesn't seem to be any filler. It's an album of epic proportions that will keep you coming back for more time and time again. As with most quality underground artists, it will take a few spins to fully digest all of his complex wordplay. If you listen to underground hip-hop, you will understand that that is a good thing. One.Be.Lo never sounds overbearing. It's almost as if he is talking directly to you in an intimate setting, letting "you" know what's going down. Although the music production is very jazzy and soulful, it's also one-of-a-kind. The looping sounds and samples sound very different from most hip-hop albums I've heard, giving it a unique perspective and feel. Some of my favorite tracks are "The UNDERground," "enecS eht no kcaB," "The Ghetto," "True Love," "Deceptacons," "Sleepwalking," and "Rocketship".

Overall, this is everything I've grown to love in a hip-hop album since I've started listening to rap. His flow is engrossing, he boasts effective social and political commentary, he raps about what's happening in his life as opposed to throwing a bunch of words together that don't make sense, and the production flawlessly matches his style. This album is nearly perfect, and I would recommend it with the highest of praise.

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