Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth CD+DVD

Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth CD+DVDBrother Ali
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Year: 2007
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Format: CD+DVD

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One of the top 5 most anticipated albums of the year is here! After officially joining Rhymesayers back in 2001, Brother Ali hit us with two very solid and very revealing releases. Just as personal and gripping as his previous releases, this album will become a mainstay in your collection. The decisions we make in our lifetime will affect us forever, both glory and guilt, and The Undisputed Truth isn't just one man's story, it's about connecting to people through music and hoping that the message is loud and clear. On the surface you get dope prodcution from Ant and lyrical mastery from Ali, but between the lines it's about how the personal struggle within us isn't over until we want it to be. The limited first pressing also comes with a bonus DVD including interviews, live show footage and more!

Produced by Ant.

Disc 1
1.Whatcha Got
2.Lookin' At Me Sideways click to listen
3.Truth Is
4.The Puzzle
5.Pedigree click to listen
7.Freedom Ain't Free click to listen
8.Letter from the Government
10.Listen Up (feat. Whipper Whip) click to listen
11.Take Me Home
12.Uncle Sam Goddamn click to listen
13.Walkign Away
15.Ear to Ear click to listen
Disc 2

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Brother Ali was born to rock the mic (4.5 stars), April 13, 2009
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

A long 4 years had passed between Ali's critically acclaimed sophomore LP "Shadows On The Sun" and his highly anticipated "The Undisputed Truth". 2004's "Champion" EP held fans over for a while, but fans like myself have been eagerly awaiting this release as if it was Rakim's second showing. Personally, I was a little nervous about the album living up to "Shadows", since that had become an all-time favorite since it's release.

Brother Ali has always represented the truth. And since the mainstream aspect of hip-hop favors fantasy over reality nowadays, Ali has chosen to push the realness of his personal life and everyday struggle to the forefront of his impeccably dope follow-up. Ant has also notably stepped up his game this time around. As seen with Atmosphere and other projects he's produced since Ali's "Shadows", Ant is definitely improving and growing as a producer as time moves on.

Ali & Ant simply reach new heights with this album. Therefore, my favorite cuts tend to be some of the duos greatest work in my opinion: "Lookin' At Me Sideways", "Pedigree", "Daylight" (my favorite), "Take Me Home", "Walking Away" (perhaps the most gripping way to give the middle finger to your ex-wife), "Faheem", & "Ear To Ear". The last two songs are dedicated to his son, Faheem, which may be two of the most gripping examples of 'the truth' seen here. The universal anthems "Truth Is" & "Uncle Sam Goddamn" surprisingly don't move me much, despite being very good songs. "Listen Up" is a nice banger for the most part, but is bogged down by a cheesy and generic chorus. Those, however are my only criticisms of the album, as it's very solid through and through.

Overall, Ali & Ant reached a lot of new heights with many cuts on the album, but it isn't quite as airtight and skip-free as "Shadows On The Sun" - which is completely flawless in my opinion. However, it's really up to the listener, as everything the man has created has been ridiculously solid. If you are a fan of Ali, buying this LP should be a complete no-brainer.

4 Stars (Solid), March 26, 2009
By: MSarabia1036 - See all my reviews

Pros: Brother Ali is extremely hungry on the mic (one of the best around right now). Excellent beats and production from ANT (ANT is one of the best around as well at what he does). No "featuring s".

Cons: Overdue, but worth it. All tracks are at the same level (which is a great level).

Overall: I haven't heard an album this great in a while. Brother Ali and Ant are some of the best entrepreneurs in the rap game, even thought I'm slightly disappointed that it wasn't better than Shadows of the Sun. Even so, this is still better than 95% of the bull shit that gets pumped out daily. This solidifies Brother Ali as one of the best MC on the mic. Just like Black Milk's album... this just leaves me more hungry for more of Brother Ali lyrics. Hopefully his next album wont take as long.

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