Rifleman (Ellay Khule) - In My Own World CDR

Rifleman (Ellay Khule) - In My Own World CDRRifleman (Ellay Khule)
Label: Asita Recordings
Year: 2006
Price: $11.95
Format: CDR

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The much talked about release from Ellay Khule & Joe Dub is here!!!! Ellay Khule has been a mainstay on the LA underground / Project Blowed scene for more than a decade and hasn't missed a beat yet. One of the true originators of the ''chop,'' he's spearheaded a movement along with his peers from The Good Life that has been followed, studied and copied, spawning many offspring in the hip hop community. MC/Producer Joe Dub is no rookie either. He has steadily made a name for himself from his days as a member of San Francisco Street Music to his solo outings under various monikers to his upcoming release with Topic as the Painkillers. With a like minded yet equally challenging commitment to this collaboration, these two have truly created an album that not only defines the west coast sound, but also sets a standard.

Please note: the original CD from Asita is out of print. Since 2012 we have stocked CDRs supplied personally by Rifleman (Ellay Khule), in a slim case with the same art in color as a one-sided sheet on the front (but not the original cover inserts).

Produced by Joe Dub. Singing on 3 & 7 by Brittney Jones. Mixed and mastered by Deeskee.

1.Khule Breeze
2.Triflin click to listen
3.Man or Myth
4.Rock On
5.Old School (feat. Joe Dub) click to listen
6.They Call Me Khule
7.Top of the World click to listen
9.Interlude Breath Break
10.In My Own World
11.Stamp em Anthem click to listen
12.Unlucky (feat. NoCanDo)
13.Settle the Score
15.The Entertainer click to listen
16.Mr Electricule
17.Khule is Back(instrumentalude)
18.West Present click to listen
19.Superb Spit

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