Sunspot Jonz - Never Surrender CD

Sunspot Jonz - Never Surrender CDSunspot Jonz
Label: Outhouse Records
Year: 2008
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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It's finally here! After years of chatter over this one, and a slew of precursors like Back In Black and Why We Fight, Sunspot blesses us with an official all-new full length solo album and follow up to Only The Strong Shall Survive! Never Surrender is Part 3 in his Journey to The Suns series and contains a side we're already used to from SJ and a whole lot of new thats never been heard before. With guest appearances from Luckyiam, Gift of Gab and The Grouch.

3.Sidewinderz Theme
4.Tick Tock click to listen
5.OK Now (feat. The Gift of Gab)
6.We Are The Ones
7.Dirty Harry click to listen
8.Dr. Zavago's Lab
9.Sattellites click to listen
11.She's Got That
12.Boys Don't Cry (feat. Luckyiam (PSC)) click to listen
13.Happy Hour Kings
14.Rita Lee
15.So Fabulous
16.Ride The Rhythm (feat. The Grouch) click to listen
17.Rick Flair's Communion
18.If You're Not Falling Then You're Not Trying Hard Enough
19.We're Bouncing
20.Mr. Everything

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Revenge !!!!!!, April 28, 2008
By: cas1 - See all my reviews

I picked this up from Sunspot personally at a Journeymen show before it was released,on the ride back home,I was already bumpin this & really feelin it. Sunspot has some definite bangerz on here,from start to finish you'll find yourself nodding your head uncontrollably. Dope lyrics and dope beats all around. Cop it.

Sunspot on slap!!, March 30, 2008
By: Gfunk - See all my reviews

I finally picked this one up, and I'm really glad I did. This shit is dope! The last time I was this excited about a Sunspot album was back when Child of the Storm first dropped. The entire album is raw and original, plus there are some straight up ridiculous bangers. You smell me?

No Surprizes Here, March 23, 2008
By: questdawg - See all my reviews

This album slid in to my notebook took over and refused to eject even tha kidz at tha geek squad was force to surrender to Mr.Jonz but u know what if there was ever a album to be stuck w/ you'll never ever find a better one then this homerun again and remember "4 Track is King"

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