Adeem & Shalem - Transitions CD

Adeem & Shalem - Transitions CDAdeem & Shalem
Label: Childproof Records
Year: 2004
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Format: CD

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Adeem and Shalem return with another dope album! Full of style, funky beats and introspective lyrics.

All vocals by Adeem. All beats/Cuts by Shalem.

2.Stop Wasting Air click to listen
3.Rejuvenated click to listen
4.Journey & Leaps
5.Good Company
6.Showing Off
7.I Know You Know click to listen
11.Piggy Bank
12.Past Lives click to listen
13.Romantic vs. Realistic
14.Never Understand
15.Transitions click to listen

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Adeem + Shalem = Dope Album, March 7, 2008
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

How could I possibly be the first to review this album? Adeem delivers on a multitude of levels. Of course, being a 2-time Scribble Jam battle winner, he is quite skilled on the microphone. In addition to spitting some of the quickest rhymes known to man, he's got to be one of the most intelligent guys to ever pick up a mic. He's also an alluring poet. Like his battle repertoire, Adeem forms a diss in a unique fashion. He never stoops to the level of spitting immature jokes like his counterparts. And he never seems to run out of ammo. Shalem (aka DJ MF Shalem) delivers quality beats with the best of them. Since their collaboration on Adeem's debut album "First Few Inches" (1999, cassette only release, out of print), Shalem has continued to grow nicely. His style includes a ton of breaks, funky loops, and a lot of tastefully done scratch rants.

As usual, Adeem packs in so many ideas and lyrics into the span of the album (66 minutes), that he definitely leaves the desire for multiple listens. Some of the best cuts would include "Rejuvenated", "Journeys & Leaps", "Believe", and "Past Lives".

Adeem is on the forefront of conscious rappers in hip-hop. Adeem and Shalem are two thirds of The Dorian Three. The other emcee, Adverse (also a member of the 1200 Hobos like Adeem), really brings this concept full circle. Adeem and Adverse go together like bread and butter, which makes for the most exciting record in both of their discography's. If you come across it, I suggest you pick it up (it's titled "Down World, Up Songs" [2004]). In the mean time, pick up this one, Adeem's "Sweet Talking Your Brain", and Glue's "Seconds Away". Once you get into Adeem, it's hard to stop listening to him. Call me an addict.

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