Lab Waste (Sub & Adlib) - Zwarte Achtegrond CD

Lab Waste (Sub & Adlib) - Zwarte Achtegrond CDLab Waste (Sub & Adlib)
Label: Temporary Whatever
Year: 2004
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Format: CD

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Subtitle and Adlib come together for this crazy mesh of electronic and hip hop music. Features remixes by Dntel, Sixtoo, Daedelus and also contains a video for Dope Beat!

2.2 in 1 click to listen
3.Secret Elemental Block #001
4.Get the Signal
5.Dope Beat 9Or Something) click to listen
6.Static Wednesday
7.Tell Her to Come Overrrr click to listen
8.Too Close/2 Clothes
9.The Debris Meets the Sea... click to listen
10.Stress'D Rest
11.Internal Psi/Sci/ence click to listen
12.Secret Elemental Block #002
13.In Conclusion

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One of my favorite albums ever... (But I have kind of a lot), November 8, 2008
By: Indefinable - See all my reviews

Giovanni Marks (Subtitle) and Thavius Beck (Adlib) came together, produced, and mixed some hip hop - electro - fusion is the best way I can put it, but if you like rap/hip hop and you want to hear some innovative stuff check out this album, I'm about to listen to it right now... some of my favorite tracks are Stress D'rest, Internal Science, and Dope Beat(Or something) which is actually a whole lot more than just a dope beat... plus they added extra remix tracks on the album just for your listening pleasure... these guys are smart too or at least come off as more intelligent to me than most rappers, that is for sure(no offense to anyone in particular). 5 stars

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