Various Artists - Stones Throw 101 DVD+CD

Various Artists - Stones Throw 101 DVD+CDVarious Artists
Label: Stones Throw Records
Year: 2004
Price: $15.95
Format: DVD+CD

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The first ever Stones Throw DVD! Featuring videos from Madlib, Madvillain, Jaylib, Rasco, Gary Wilson, Breakestra and more! Also comes with a 40 min CD celebrating the label's first 101 releases including hits, misses and previously unreleased material.

Bonus features: MF DOOM, Madlib, PB Wolf, Egon, J Rocc segment on Canada's MuchMusic TV during the Madvillain tour. Jaylib's live debut at the Jazz Cafe, London, 2004 PB Wolf Interview, 1999 Charizma & PB Wolf live on TV's Home Turf, San Francisco, 1992 LA Carnival documentary - Tracking down the lost funk band Madvillain - The All Caps blueprint Quasimoto - Behind the scenes for Come On Feet Dooley O - Headbangers Ball video Stark Reality - Previously unseen live TV performance, from TV's Say Brother, Boston, 1968

Disc 1
1.Madvillain - 'Rhinestone Cowboy'
2.Jaylib - 'McNasty Filth'
3.Madlib - 'Slim's Return'
4.Madvillain - 'All Caps'
5.Quasimoto - 'Come On Feet'
6.The Lootpack - 'Whenimondamic'
7.Wildchild - 'Wonder Years'
8.Breakestra - 'Getcho Soul Togetha'
9.Dudley Perkins - 'Money'
10.Gary Wilson - 'Linda Wants To Be Alone'
11.Koushik - 'One In A Day'
12.Rasco - 'Take It Back Home' (feat. Planet Asia)
13.Charizma & PB Wolf - 'Red Light, Green Light'
14.Kazi - 'A.V.E.R.A.G.E.'
15.Quasimoto - 'Good Morning Sunshine'
Disc 2
1.Charizma - 'My World Premiere (practice)'
2.MED -'In Rhymes We Trust (instrumental)' / Quasimoto - 'Dinosaur Brain Beat'
3.Dudley Perkins - 'Falling'
4.Koushik - 'Be With'
5.Madvillain - 'Accordion'
6.Yesterdays New Quintet - 'Little Girl'
7.MED - 'Right Now Real' / Madlib - '6 Variations of In The Rain'
8.Quasimoto - 'Chippin'
9.Oh No feat. Dudley Perkins - 'Green Tree'
10.Stark Reality - 'Dreams/Comrades (mix)'
11.Jaylib - 'Champion Sound'
12.Percee P - 'A Ghetto Rhyme Story'
13.Jaylib - 'Raw Shit (Remix)' / Madlib - 'Beat #111' (feat. Talib Kweli)
14.Wildchild - 'Kiana'
15.Oh No - 'I Can't Help Myself'
16.MED - 'Bang Ya Head (instrumental)'
17.Quasimoto - 'Good Morning Sunshine'
18.Jaylib - 'Blaze Up (previously unreleased)'
19.Madvillain - 'Figaro (remix)' / Madlib - 'Beat #222'
20.Malik Flavors - 'Interlude'
21.J. Rocc - 'Play This One'
22.Co-Real Artists - 'What About You'
23.Cut Chemist - 'Bunky's Pick'
24.Egon - 'Six Pack of Time/Runnin' Wild'
25.DJ Rels - 'Sunrise'
26.MED - 'Listen To This'
27.Oh No - 'I'm Here'
28.Jaylib - 'The Mission (remix)' / Madlib - 'Beat #333''
29.Gary Wilson - 'She Makes Me Think Of Endicott'
30.Madvillain - 'Eye (Koushik remix)'
31.Homeliss Derilex - 'Fraudulent'
32.The Lootpack - 'Episode 2' (feat. God's Gift)
33.Stezo - 'Gangsta Groove'
34.Rasco - 'Unassisted'
35.Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - 'Talk About A Girl'
36.C$Money & DJ Chase - 'Ladies Can I Have Your Attention'
37.The Lootpack - 'B-Boy Theme'
38.Dooley O - 'Headbanger's Ball'
39.Breakestra - 'Showbiz' / LA Carnival - 'Blind Man/Color (mix)'
40.Funkaho - 'Space Slut'
41.Peanut Butter Wolf - 'In Your Area' (feat. Planet Asia)
42.Joe McDuphrey Experience - 'Parallel Worlds'

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