MF Doom - MM..Food CD+DVD

MF Doom - MM..Food CD+DVDMF Doom
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Year: 2004
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Format: CD+DVD

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Originally released in 2004, MM..Food marked Doom's first album for Minneapolis based label Rhymesayers Entertainment. Between the years of his much heralded cult classic debut and this album, Mr. Dumile preceded to give the industry a run for its money, releasing handfuls of albums under numerous aliases and on just as many labels, making fans stir-crazy to keep up and complete their collections. Yet, MM...Food, for all intent and purposes, serves as his proper sophomore album under MF Doom. Therefore, it only makes sense for the sound of the record to draw influence from its groundbreaking predecessor. His penchant for shamelessly (yet brilliantly) looped beats continues here to no end, aesthetically lifting grooves from the same proverbial record bin he made his name with. Lyrically, his signature style of non-sequiturs and double entendres are bridged with only a slight of mind, and before you know it, you've reached the end. Luckily for those that missed out on this gem the first time, Rhymesayers has included a bonus DVD with the re-issue. A gem indeed!

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Produced by Doom except: 3 Count Bass D, 4 Madlib, 11 PNS (Molemen).

Disc 1
1.Beef Rapp
2.Hoe Cakes click to listen
3.Potholderz (feat. Count Bass D) click to listen
4.One Beer
5.Deep Fried Friendz click to listen
6.Poo-Putt Platter
9.Figleaf Bi-Carbonate
10.Kon Karne click to listen
11.Guinnesses (feat. Angelika / 4ize) click to listen
12.Kon Queso
13.Rapp Snitch Knishez (feat. Mr. Fantastik)
15.Kookies (Remix)
Disc 2
1.MM..Food Drive Tour DVD including live footage and Behind the Scenes

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Hungry for rhymes? Look no further (5 stars), January 2, 2009
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

After the countless aliases Daniel Dumile has dropped on us since his comeback debut as MF Doom, "Operation Doomsday", the metal fingered villain has returned with "MM.. Food?" -- the proper follow-up to his debut from 1999. On the surface, this seems like a your average high quality Doom release, but it's really quite different than his horror movie alter ego, King Geedorah, or his other super villain monikers, Madvillain and Viktor Vaughn. Overall, it's a lot more fun and lighthearted than it's predecessors. Food references, a platter full of samples and a ton of well-picked clips from Fantastic Four read-along records keeps the mix fresh and boisterous. The man behind the mask is responsible for all of the enthralling production (aside from the Madlib-produced "Madvillainy" extra "One Beer"). Here we see MF Doom spitting far more rhymes than past efforts (unlike his two featured tracks on King Geedorah's "Take Me To Your Leader"). As usual, Doom doesn't disappoint.

There are a lot of people complaining about the 4-track dump of samples and instrumentals right in the middle of the album; some claiming that it's unplayable from front to back [...]. I for one think it's a quality jaunt of production that makes the record stronger; thus proving Dooms impeccable skills behind the boards. The standouts include "Hoe Cakes", "Potholderz", the Madlib-produced "One Beer", the Whodini-sampling of "Deep Fried Frenz", "Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate", and "Rapp Snitch Knishes" featuring Mr. Fantastik.

All in all, "MM.. Food?" is definitely one of the most cohesive albums Doom has ever released, which will continue to reaffirm his status as one of hip-hop's most important figures.

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