The Perceptionists - Black Dialogue (used) CD

The Perceptionists - Black Dialogue (used) CDThe Perceptionists
Label: Definitive Jux
Year: 2005
Price: $4.95
Format: CD

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Used CD, original pressing. Near mint condition.

BANGIN!!! Mr Lif, Akrobatik & Dj Fakts One bring the heat with this extremely dope album!!! Something for everyone on here!

1.Let's Move click to listen
2.People for Prez
3.Blo click to listen
4.Memorial Day
5.Love Letters click to listen
6.Black Dialogue
7.Frame Rupture
8.What Have We Got To Lose?!
9.Party Hard (feat. Guru)
10.Career Finders (feat. Humpty Hump) click to listen
11.Five 0' Clock (feat. Phonte)
12.Breathe in the Sun click to listen

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Achieving perfection (5 stars), January 2, 2009
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

I had to buy this album after falling in love with Mr. Lif's "I Phantom". That, and Definitive Jux was pimping out the CD pretty hard on the front page of their web site. I listen to, and review TONS of underground rap CDs. And, I usually find that my favorites are solo efforts (one emcee and one deejay, or someone that can do it all). Collaborative efforts can be hit or miss. Sometimes the chemistry between two charismatic emcees just isn't their. A good example would be the Slug and Murs album "Felt". The album was good, but not spectacular like their solo albums. The Perceptionists are Mr. Lif, Akrobatik and DJ Fakts One (there are also beats by El-P, and newcomers Cyrus the Great, Willie Evans, and CamuTao). I'm familiar with the work of Lif and Fakts One, but this is my first outing with Akrobatik. The chemistry problem apparent on some albums, is definitely not the case hear. Mr. Lif and Akrobatik work absolute magic on the forefront of DJ Fakts One's dope beats. These rhymes, beats and cuts are simply air tight. The afrocentric duo each possess extremely tight flows. They weave in and out of each others rhymes with such precision and timing, that it's hard not to show props for this stuff. My jaw was dropped in pure amazement after my first listen. This stuff is doper than dope. Not only are the cuts and rhymes phenomenal, but these two emcees have a lot of great things to say. Say what you will, protest rappers are among my favorite. They both possess the need to express ideas, and facts in the form of education for the listener. I read that Mr. Lif and Akrobatik have a long history together. Well, that definitely comes through in their perfectly executed delivery.

Although it may be more apparent on other Def Jux releases, I will continue to say that my love for progressive rock attracts we to this type of hip-hop. It is definitely a progression from the norm. One of my favorite classic progressive rock bands is Kansas. I nearly blew my load when I heard them prominently sample the end of "Closet Chronicles" from their 1977 album "Point Of Know Return" (on track 4 "Memorial Day"). It sweetly backed battle rhymes directed at George W. Bush's administration - "Where are the weapons on mass destruction / We've been lookin' for months and ain't found nothin' / Please Mr. President, tell us somethin' / We knew from the beginning that your a$$ was bluffin'". Like I said before, these beats are just sick and tight. The first cut, "Let's Move" serves as a commanding intro to the album, with some heavily distorted samples. The next two cuts "People 4 Prez" and "Blo" are equally satisfying. The latter featuring a pretty futuristic beat. But may favorites are "Memorial Day," "Frame Rupture," "What Have We Got to Lose?!?," "5 0'Clock," (featuring Little Brother's Phonte) and "Breathe in the Sun". There certainly aren't any dull moments in the album's 41 minutes in length.

Overall, I liked this album much than than I expected. I knew Mr. Lif was extremely talented, and now I know the same about Akrobatik and DJ Fakts One. I think these guys make killer music together, and I'm hoping that they will continue to do so.

some KILLER songs, but a pretty bad album, November 10, 2008
By: radshoesbro - See all my reviews

it's really unfortunate that this isn't better than it is. lif & ak are both incredibly lyricists, but i really only like a few of the tracks on here. however, those tracks that i DO like are damn near flawless! hard ass beats with dope lyrics. you're really got to see these guys live if you want to get the full effect. hopefully they get around to putting out something new, but lif moved down to philly and ak has been doing really well solo, so who knows when that'll be.

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