Dutchmassive - Junk Planet CD

Dutchmassive - Junk Planet CDDutchmassive
Label: Freshchest Records
Year: 2004
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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Dutchmassive is one half of the group Equilibrium as well as a member of the Demigodz. His debut album brings back everything you loved about hip hop in the early 90's...chunky beats, dope cadence and a free flow. Bump this album in your car, at home or even on a discman, it sounds good everywhere! Plus and anyone who talks about their cassette walkmen gets good notes in our book!

1.Junk Planet (intro)
2.Evaporate click to listen
3.Soul Searchin' (feat. PackFM)
4.It Gets Worse (feat. Hangar 18 / Majik Most / Cryptic One / Vast Aire)
5.Crush Your Interlude
6.BusStopBuildingBlock click to listen
7.October 1st (interlude)
8.Dr. Ama (feat. JJ Brown)
9.The Ego Has Landed click to listen
10.Just Me & My Walkman click to listen
11.Take a Break (interlude)
12.Pipe Dreams
13.Goonies click to listen
14.The Hook (feat. Apathy / Majik Most / C-Rayz Walz / Celph Titled / Louis Logic )
15.1996 Equilibrium Answering Machine Tape Freestyler Disaster
16.My Own Shit
17.Classic click to listen
18.Went to a Whole Different Planet (outro)
19.Revaporate (feat. Majik Most / Celph Titled)
20.The Chill Factor (feat. Main / Fly Beeds / Seif)

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