Emanon (Exile+Aloe Blacc) - Waiting Room CD

Emanon (Exile+Aloe Blacc) - Waiting Room CDEmanon (Exile+Aloe Blacc)
Label: Shaman Work Recordings
Year: 2004
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Format: CD

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The official full length record! And boy does it show the've taken their time! Dope beats, fresh rhymes, all around feel good hip hop.

1.Count Your Blessings click to listen
2.The Words
3.More Than You Know click to listen
5.Make Music
6.The World Don't Sing
8.The Waiting Room click to listen
9.Four Square
10.A Story
11.Ahh Ouai
12.Not What It Seems
13.Six Million Ways click to listen
14.She Thinks
15.Farewell click to listen

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Emanon and on and on, shit like this never gets old!, December 6, 2008
By: Gfunk - See all my reviews

I'm really glad I've become keen to Exile through the likes of Blame and Blu, because it sparked my interest in the Emanon album. Kind of slept on it for a while cause it's been hard to come by (even at Amoeba!). All I got to say is this shit is straight up amazing! Perhaps it's not for those who are looking for straight up knock, but if you're a universal hip-hop head like me you should find this to be some of that deeper, high quality hop that you feel lucky to come across from time to time. Amazing beats and raps, amazing balance and cohesiveness... Aloe Blacc is DOPE! If you liked "Below The Heavens", you will Love this.

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