KRS One - Return Of The Boom Bap CD

KRS One - Return Of The Boom Bap CDKRS One
Label: Jive Records
Year: 1993
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Format: CD

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1.KRS-ONE Attacks
2.Outta Here
3.Black Cop
4.Mortal Thought
5.I Can't Wake Up
6.Slap Them Up
7.Sound Of Da Police
8.Mad Crew
9.Uh Oh
10.Brown Skin Woman
11.Return Of The Boom Bap
12.P' Is Still Free
13.Stop Frontin'
14.High Level

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Restoring The Roots Of Hip-Hop! (5 stars), January 2, 2009
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

By time 1993 rolled around, cats were getting a lot more lyrical in the hip-hop lexicon. It was virtually a game of "can you top this" as several well-oiled rhyming machines left mediocre & stagnant rappers in a cloud of dust. KRS-One has always stayed ahead of the trends, and " Return of the Boom Bap" is no different. In my opinion, he is arguably rhyming tighter than he ever has before. His content & strong message tracks weave excellently in and out of some of his finest lyricism to date.

The production is uniformly excellent, and hits hard with a minimal and spare set of beats, which is 100% boom bap. The legendary Dj Premier, who is also on top of his game, produces most of the tracks here, with KRS-One producing 4 tracks himself. Kid Capri also produces 2 tracks, and Showbiz kills it on another. All in all, these elements add up to an unstoppable force. Every track here is bananas... "Outta Here", "Black Cop", "I Can't Wake Up", "Sound Of Da Police", "Higher Level", ""P" Is Still Free"... every tracks bangs with a rugged & raw fury. This is hand down essential KRS-One material. Recognize the master.

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