Bicasso - For Rent CD

Bicasso - For Rent CDBicasso
Label: Access Hip Hop
Year: 2003
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Classic full length from Bicasso!!! Fourteen tracks laced with that dirtworkslumporiginaulius that Bicasso creates so well!!! FOR RENT spans the first three years of the millennium as a reflection of original Bicaso songs never heard until now. Guest appearances from T Root, CMA and Pep Love. Heat!!!

All songs written, mixed, recorded and produced by Bicasso except: 3 & 7 produced by T Root, 4 by Anonymous, 8 produced by Shu. Lyrics written by the artists who spit them.

2.Madeit Ina Minute click to listen
3.Respect Yourself (Keep It All In Line) click to listen
4.Think 2wice
6.4 Rent click to listen
7.Amazing People (feat. T-Root)
8.All Aboard click to listen
10.Cryin' Game click to listen
11.Self Song
12.Get It 2gether (feat. CMA) click to listen
13.Able 2 See
14.Better w/ Time (feat. Pep Love) click to listen
15.I Think U R

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This is a come-up!, December 6, 2008
By: Gfunk - See all my reviews

Not as good as "Livin' Life Lookin' Out", but it's up there. I associate a lot of Bicasso's work with Legends collab. projects/albums, or on feat. crew shit. I've always thought Bicasso's style/delivery was really unique and his voice is just plain, raw dopeness. Often times I like his verses the best on Living Legends albums, and I feel like my folks don't give him enough credit. I think it's tough with the Legends, because almost all of them produce/write their own shit and it is so diverse, that sometimes their solo shit sounds different then you might expect. If you like Legends though, this won't disappoint. It is, as Bizzaro himself would say, "a dirtworks slump oroginalias"! Haha, fully slapable and only 6 bones, what!?

Another quality LP from the Black Sheep of the LL Crew!, October 24, 2007
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

I swear; the man just doesn't make bad albums. Bicasso, one of the lesser recognized artists from the Living Legends crew, has been flying beneath everyone's radar for the past 12 years. I think the reason you don't hear of him as much is because his flow isn't that unique. Actually, looking at his last 3 albums, he is an extremely skilled emcee. He has proven himself capable of spitting fast and clear, being able to alter his tone & flow in a unique fashion and bring forth excellent hooks & lyrics. Not to mention, he's not a bad singer, which helps builds his choruses very nicely.

As you may know, Bicasso is a highly skilled producer, engineer and mixer. Once again, he drops in with excellent song structure and a sweet palette of samples. The album took 3 years to drop, and it shows in his personal songwriting. There are plenty of conscious lyrics, introspectively laid out in his confident assured rhyme style; focusing on such things as his the industry, his fans and friends, and much of his own personal struggles and reflection in his life. Standouts include the gorgeous single "Respect Yourself (Keep It All In Line)" (I bang the 12" frequently), "Think 2wice", "4 Rent", "Amazing People" (feat. T-Root), "All Aboard", "Cryin' Game" (nice personal lyrics), "Get It 2gether" featuring Luckyiam.PSC & The Grouch (CMA), & "Better w/ Time" featuring Pep Love from the Hieroglyphics camp. All songs written, mixed, recorded and produced by Bicasso, except for a couple by T Root (3 & 7), one by Anonymous (4), and one by Shu (8).

Once again, Bicasso serves up a platter of material worthy of continuous replay value. He may not be the major standout in the Living Legends crew, but I assure you, he's one of the best. Those that are fans of healthy dose of experimentation wrapped up into a true school hip-hop record should definitely seek out this great talent.

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