Sole - Bottle of Humans CD

Sole - Bottle of Humans CDSole
Label: Anticon
Year: 2000
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Format: CD

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Anticon started to really take off in the late 90's, introducing a new breed of unconventional emcees, DJ's and producers, one could say that the copycats that followed were the result of what they had set out to do. Call it emo-rap, call them backpack rappers, call it goth-hop, but what ever you do, don't forget to call it hip hop. As the extensive collective of members of the budding label already started to recieve critical acclaim, along with it, came a cult following of fans, and soon after, Anticon became a juggernaut going full steam ahead, as many were recruited or jumped on along the way. Releases like Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop boasted an array of up and comers from 1200 Hobos to Rhyme Sayers, but it was co-founder and front man, Sole, who would be the first to release his solo album, this along with Deep Puddle Dynamics (Slug, Sole, Alias, Dose One) would solidify Anticon's staying power. So let this be your introduction to the label that has sparked so much controversy, and rattled so many cages in the hip hop scene, that it has almost become like a curse word just to use it's name.

1.Dismantling of Sole's Ego
2.I Don't Rap In Bumper Stickers
3.Tourist Trap Reprise
4.Famous Last Words
5.Bottle of Humans
6.Man And Woman
7.In The Center (feat. Why?)
9.Nothing Fell Apart (feat. Sixtoo)
10.Very Important Message
11.Sole Has Issues
12.Our Dirty Little Secret (feat. Doseone / Pedestrian / Alias)
13.Save The Children
14.Suicide Song
15.Year of the Sex Symbol
17.Artist Complex
18.Bottle of Leftovers

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The heart and sole of Anticon ... 4.5 Stars, January 2, 2009
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

"I've got a thousand ways to say nothing," Sole yells out in the album opener. I can't help but connect that phrase to most of the artists on Anticon. They bring something new and totally unconventional to the table, that scares a lot of people away; including myself. But Sole, founder of Anticon, is definitely the cream of the crop as far as the Anticon label is concerned. When listening to artists such as Pedestrian, or Dose-One, the lyrics are ridiculously incomprehensible; you have to wonder if the artist even knows what their talking about. Sole is much different in that respect. He actually raps about his life, feelings, and things he's familiar with. He flows with a lot of anger, pain, desire and feeling. It's all wrapped up in a dark autobiography. His tone is varied in overwhelming earnest self-deprecation. Sole has a lot of ideas though, and they are laid out quite nicely this epic 73-minute album.

"Dismantling of Soles Ego" kicks off the album nicely with one of many interesting concepts. "I don't rap on bumper stickers, I'm witty with 40-liners" Sole yells out on the second cut. My favorite track as got to be the tongue twisting darkness of "Famous Last Words". "Center City" featuring Why? is also one of my favorites; but like Dose-One, I wouldn't be to interested to hear a whole Why? album. Other highlights include "Suicide Song" and "MC Howard Hughes".

Sole has combined the strange, minimalist darkness that Anticon is known for, with his accessible charismatic personality. Personally, I wish Anticon would wake up and start releasing more albums like this, instead of working the artsy, "I'm the weirdest rapper out there" angle. It also helps that Sole's voice isn't suffering from helium inhalation.

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