Various Artists - Fashion Expo: Round One 2xCD

Various Artists - Fashion Expo: Round One 2xCDVarious Artists
Label: Syntax Records
Year: 2000
Price: $5.95
Format: CD

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Open copy barely played (in our store). Near mint condition, including jewel case and inserts. Like new!

Disc 1
1.Unique (feat. DJ DNA)
2.RedCloud, Absolute, Braille, Mr. Tru - 'Angels'
3.Mr. Rogers AKA Coleon - 'For The Money'
4.Playdough - 'Dues For Cashews'
5.Corey Red - 'No Gray Lines' (feat. Precise)
6.Peace586 - 'Runnin'
7.Dirt - 'Mathew'
8.DizOrgan - 'Under Man'
9.E-Roc - 'Christian Emcee, what?'
10.Absolute - 'Traveling'
11.Future Shock - 'Sub-Mission'
12.Omnipoetics of Deviance - 'Soft Spoken'
13.Illustrate - 'Who am I?' (feat. Joe Bereal)
14.RedCloud - 'Water World'
15.Lojique - 'YouDon''
16.Project America - 'An-eu-rysm'
17.Fros'T - 'Game Over'
18.Mr. Tru, Man of War, E-Roc - 'Rising Sons'
Disc 2
1.Coleon, RedCloud, Mr. Tru - 'Quality Junk'
2.Prophetics - 'MIC Abruption'
3.Braille - 'Perceptions'
4.Grits - 'Journey Through My Mind'
5.Trey-Qel - 'The Wind' (feat. Ajax of Future Shock)
6.KJ52 - 'How We Do'
7.Absolute - 'Lolly Pops'
8.RedCloud - 'To The Extreme'
9.Relentless - 'Clay'
10.Absolute, Mr. Tru, Ill Harmonics - 'Tight with Lasso'
11.RedFlagUnit (marsILL & Sey Statik) - 'Reality Check'
12.SoupTheChemist - 'Understand'
13.Jurny of LPG - 'Jurny'
14.Man of War - 'The Road I Once Lived'
15.Greg Words - 'The Day My Dog Died'
16.D.O.P.E. Statikk - 'The New Song'
17.SolSeekers - 'The Outlet'
18.Sackcloth Fashion - 'Connect'

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