King Geedorah (MF Doom) - Take Me To Your Leader CD

King Geedorah (MF Doom) - Take Me To Your Leader CDKing Geedorah (MF Doom)
Label: Big Dada Recordings
Year: 2003
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Format: CD

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Holy Crap. MF Doom is coming with it. This album has too many gems to mention any one cut. It has a few guests MCs. Produced by King G!

Written, arranged and produced by the Metal Fingered Villain. 1 co-produced by E. Mason.

1.Fazers click to listen
2.Fastlane (feat. Biolante)
3.Krazy World (feat. Gigan) click to listen
4.The Final Hour (feat. MF Doom)
5.Monster Zero
6.Next Levels (feat. Lil' Sci / ID4 Winds / Stahhr) click to listen
7.No Snakes Alive (feat. Jet Jaguar / Rodan)
8.Anti-Matter (feat. MF Doom / Mr. Fantastik)
9.Take Me to Your Leader
10.Lockjaw (feat. Trunks)
11.I Wonder (feat. Hassan Chop)
12.One Smart Nigger
13.The Fine Print click to listen

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Godzilla + Hip-Hop = dope, March 23, 2009
By: CaptainStfu - See all my reviews

"King Ghidrah" is a concept album focused on and you guessed it godzilla!!!!!!111. This album has many impressive godzilla samples and dope collabos from some of the monsta island crew which makes this album stick out the most. Doom's alter ego ghidrah takes more of a back seat in this one and lets some of monsta island take the stage which turns out better than it sounds, just to name some Gigan,Jet-Jaguar (Mf Grimm),and Rodan. Most tracks have a fast paced cyber feeling and is one to not pass up.


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