Apathy - It's the Bootleg Muthaf** 2xCD

Apathy - It's the Bootleg Muthaf** 2xCDApathy
Label: Demigodz
Year: 2003
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Format: CD

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Disc 1
1.Y'all Ain't Good Enough (feat. Celph Titled)
2.Every Emcee (feat. Rise)
4.That Ol' Boom Bap (remix)
5.Chrome Depot Freestyle (Shug Mix) (feat. Celph Titled)
7.Science Of The Bumrush (feat. Celph Titled / Open Mic)
8.Earth Girls Are Easy
9.Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle (feat. Rise / Gaston / Wiseguy / Wordsworth / Punchline)
10.Compatible (feat. Celph Titled)
11.Sureshot Affair (feat. Open Mic)
12.P.F. Cuttin Freestyle
13.Mother Molesters (feat. Majik Most / Louis Logic / Celph Titled)
14.You Can Try (feat. Esoteric)
15.DJ Unknown & Mekalek - 'Rockafella Freestyle' (feat. Rise)
16.Import Tuner X-clusive (feat. Celph Titled / Lexicon)
17.Public Execution (Demigodz Mix) (feat. Celph Titled / Esoteric)
18.We Get Down
19.Breeze Block - 'Radio 1 UK Freestyle' (feat. Celph Titled)
20.Live @ The Playboy Mansion (feat. Open Mic)
21.DJ Unknown & Mekalek - 'Rare Species Freestyle' (feat. Celph Titled / Grafh)
22.Battle Me
23.DJ Next - 'A Vibe Called Next Freestyle' (feat. Open Mic)
Disc 2
1.Don't Talk To Me (feat. Majik Most)
2.Just Begun
3.That Ol' Boom Bap (Original Mix)
4.Well, Well, Well (feat. Celph Titled / Rise / Esoteric)
5.Ain't Nuthin' Nice
6.Makin' Music (remix) (feat. Celph Titled / Lexicon)
7.Trife-A-Saurus Rex
8.Root Beers In Your Fridge (feat. Celph Titled)
9.DJ Next - 'Nextclusive Barbeque Sauce Freestyle' (feat. Roman Rok / Alius)
11.The Hook (feat. Majik Most / C-Rayz Walz / Celph Titled / Louis Logic / DutchMassive)
12.DJ Unknown & Mekalik - 'Brothers On The Slide Freestyle' (feat. Rise)
13.Speak Now (feat. Vinnie Paz / Esoteric)
14.No Joke (feat. Celph Titled)
15.Paper Mache (feat. Maylay Sparks / Louis Logic / Celph Titled)
16.Hip Hop Groupies (feat. Open Mic)
17.The Smackdown (feat. Rise / Celph Titled / C-Rayz Walz)
18.Eddie Ill & DL - 'A Long Rhyme Coming (Exclusive)' (feat. Celph Titled / Louis Logic)
19.The Big Hurt  (feat. Punchline / Wordsworth / AL Skills / Wiseguy / Gaston)
20.Chrome Depot Freestyle (Blade Mix) (feat. Celph Titled)
21.Get Off My Nuts (feat. Celph Titled)
22.DJ Unknown & Mekalek - 'Lost Freestyle' (feat. Louis Logic)

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a mixed bag, December 20, 2008
By: radshoesbro - See all my reviews

A few of the tracks on here (That 'Ol Boom Bap Remix, School) are great! There are also some others that aren't quite as memorable but still good. The biggest problem with this album is the prevalence of Celph Titled, the guy just sounds like a dumb person that knows words that rhyme. The other problem that this has, which is a plague with a lot of hip hop, is that it's got a ton of garbage hooks! Those things aside, Apathy is a dope MC and is a solid listen.

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