Eligh - Poltergeist CD

Eligh - Poltergeist CDEligh
Label: Legendary Music
Year: 2003
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Format: CD

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The crew had been very busy after Almost Famous was released, people started to wonder where the solo albums were. There were so many side projects happening, so much touring going on, and demand was high...but finally after what seemed like an eternity since Gas Dream was released, Eligh was ready and completed this long awaited follow up. He'd honed his producing skills with two Gandalf albums and was making beats for just about everyone else in the crew in the time that had passed. He put a lot of thought, heart and soul into the lyrics to create the Poltergeist, which had become an entity that surfaced in his absence.

1.They're here! (intro)
2.Worldwide by Word of mouth
3.Pattern Traps
4.Born to pay for the Past
5.Ancient Grandfather click to listen
6.The Mountain
7.Funk (feat. Bicasso) click to listen
8.Universe will provide
9.Thought Process (feat. Murs / John O'Kennedy)
10.3 Minute Rip Down
11.Dreamscape 7 (window to the next plane)
12.The Lot
13.Outhouse (remember back..) (feat. Bicasso / Murs / Luckyiam (PSC) / The Grouch / Sunspot Jonz) click to listen
14.M.I.C. helle (feat. Basik)
15.A poet sits... (feat. Abstract Rude / Robert Miranda) click to listen
16.To Angela (the last love song)
17.Meditation (feat. Jo Wilkinson)
18.Bring it Back Down (feat. John O'Kennedy on guitar)

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