Bored Stiff - Explainin' / Timeless CD

Bored Stiff - Explainin' / Timeless CDBored Stiff
Label: Solidarity Records
Year: 2008
Price: $8.95
Format: CD

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Two groundbreaking EPs from Bored Stiff, re-issued in 2008 on one CD! When members of crews like Hieroglyphics, Project Blowed and the Living Legends were helping to put the West Coast underground hip hop scene on the map, Bored Stiff was right there and have remained friends and frequent collaborator's with aforementioned groups for years. Originally released on cassette and now high commodity collector's items, it is interesting to think that the titles are still so significant. So, for those who have been waiting to replace that old over-played dusty tape, you can finally rejoice, or you can rub it in to those of us who no longer own the originals... Also available again, Ghetto Research from back in 2001! Grab 'em both!

Reissued by Solidarity Records, though the cover still says ''Hella Records.''

1.EXPLAININ: Intro click to listen
3.Change of Mind click to listen
4.Peaceful Rotation
5.Origins click to listen
6.Down the Line
7.Thoughts on Music
8.Get Some
9.Perfect Opportunity
10.Gettin Signed click to listen
11.The Bridge
12.Heart Beat click to listen
13.Tell It Like It Is (feat. Schwinn)
14.We Up
15.TIMELESS: Intro
17.Next Sunlight click to listen
18.The Soil
19.State Of The Art click to listen
20.Kwanz (From 850 Bryant) click to listen
21.What's Next?
22.Beat 1
23.Beat 2 click to listen

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