One Be Lo - Project: FETUS 2xCD

One Be Lo - Project: FETUS 2xCDOne Be Lo
Label: The LA Underground
Year: 2007
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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One Be Lo is One Man Army from Binary Star! Just to clear that up. This is a reissue of his debut album, repackaged with a bonus disc of remixes and instrumentals! All songs were recorded between 1999-2001 and originally pressed in 2002. What was supposed to be a tour only limited release has now been given proper treatment thanks to The LA Underground label with cooperation from Subterraneous Records of course. This version with preserved beats and rhymes are intended to retain the original concept of the album, meaning it is the developmental prelude to the birth and life of the lyrcist and artist we've come to know as One Be Lo. Shit is deep!

Production Disc 1: 1, 5, 9, 12 OneManArmy, 2-4, 6-8, 11, 14-19 Decompoze, 10 Chic Masters, 13 MLK.

Disc 1
2.Anybody click to listen
3.Lesson #1
4.Mic Check (feat. Buff)
5.Dro (feat. Magestik Legend)
6.Fast Food Remix (feat. MC / Compoze / Illite)
7.Take it 2 da Stage (feat. Decompoze)
8.What Time is it
9.Here And Now
10.Alphabet Soup
11.One Man's Mission (feat. Virus on the Cuts) click to listen
13.The Grinch that...
14.Sportz Illa (feat. Virus on the Cuts)
16.What it's All About (Remix) (feat. Compoze)
17.Double Essay (S.S.A.) (Remix)
18.Freakin Flowz (Remix) click to listen
19.One Man Army (Remix)
Disc 2
1.Track 01
2.Track 02 click to listen
3.Track 03
4.Track 04
5.Track 05
6.Track 06
7.Track 07
8.Track 08
9.Track 09 click to listen
10.Track 10
11.Track 11
12.Track 12
13.Track 13
14.Track 14
15.Track 15 click to listen
16.Track 16
17.Track 17

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