Busdriver - Temporary Forever CD

Busdriver - Temporary Forever CDBusdriver
Label: Temporary Whatever
Year: 2002
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Format: CD

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This is the Busdriver album you need to pick up! Some of his best stuff ever. Imaginary Places is the joint!!!

1.New Aquarium
2.Imaginary Places click to listen
3.Along Came a Biter
4.Idle Chatter
5.Gun Control click to listen
7.Suing Sony
8.Stylin' Under Pressure
9.Single Cell Ego
10.Somethingness (feat. Radioinactive / Rhetoric) click to listen
11.Driver's Manual
12.The Truth of Spontaneous Human Combustion (feat. Of Mexican Descent) click to listen
13.Opposable Thumbs
14.Unplanned Parenthood
15.Jazz Fingers (feat. Aceyalone) click to listen
16.Reality Sandwich
17.Wrong Route
18.Post Apocalyptic Rap Blues

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WOW, Busdriver is an interesting Guy, his raps might blow your mind..., November 8, 2008
By: Indefinable - See all my reviews

This album like most of his albums in my opinion is pretty crazy sounding and overwhelming but I like that sort of thing so I would recommend this album and most Busdriver albums, but be be careful don't try to classify this guy too quickly he's quite slippery.. I like this one, Heavy Items, Memoires of an Elephant Man, and Fear of a Black Tangent the best personally.. I'm surprised this one has new review it features his song "Imaginary Places" which people I know seem to all like...

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