Aesop - Black Libra CD

Aesop - Black Libra CDAesop
Label: Black Wolf Music
Year: 2002
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Format: CD

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DAMN!!!! This is some ill stuff that Aesop of the Living Legends was dropping back in 2002. The Black Libra in full effect! Come and get this bangin' ass Legends album. I love it. I just press repeat, repeat, repeat.

(Re-pressed in 2003 without the crackling on the last few tracks.)

Produced by P. Original except: 3 & 6 by Roddy Rod, 16 by Grouch, 17 by N8 the GR8. Photography by Shu, graphic design by the Black Wolf.

2.Hit List
3.U Must Provoke Things
4.He's so Fresh!!!
5.Just Listen (interlude)
6.Love Your Life click to listen
7.For You
8.Do the Damn Thing
9.The Song is Good (skit)
10.U Can Feel This click to listen
11.Listen Again (interlude)
12.Secret Service (skit)
13.Broke Citizens
14.The Truth (skit)
15.All I Want to See
16.Give em What They Want (feat. Basik / The Grouch) click to listen
17.Come on Girl (dance if you want)
18.Final Destination (skit)

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Aesop's Magnum Opus (5 Stars), March 7, 2008
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

Aesop may be the most underrated lyricist in the Living Legends crew. Hailing from Fresno, he holds the belt for dropping some of the earliest releases from the crew (starting in 1996). He's released 10 solo albums in his tenure, and has one on deck since 2006. The reason you never hear about Aesop is because most of those albums are out of print.

I own 4 albums by Aesop, and this is definitely my favorite one. Aesop has the most visceral, energetic flow in the crew. The most alluring thing to me, is that he always sounds hungry and grounded in strict humbleness. He's your everyday type of guy with some very insightful things to say. And comparatively, there are some excellent standouts on this album, such as "Hit List", "He's so Fresh!!!", & the lush "U Can Feel This". The crowing moment on the disc would be "Love Your Life". A very inspired tune with instantly memorable production. It's light on posse tracks for a Living Legends release, but Basik & The Grouch do stop by for a dope track on "Give em What They Want". The production is straight banging on this album. P. Original produces most of the album, but Roddy Rod, The Grouch & N8 the GR8 stop by to drop some beats. LL fans will notice Aesop's production is quite a bit different here than his past works with Elusive's darker production. It actually works out to be a nice change in formula.

If you dig this album, I would definitely recommend picking up "The Supahuman" (1997), which is his second best, featuring dope production from Elusive (a producer not to be slept on!). Overall, this is one of the finest solo joints in the entire Living Legends crew. Definitely don't sleep on this hidden gem.

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