Sunspot ft Living Legends - UHB V: Legacy 2099 CD

Sunspot ft Living Legends - UHB V: Legacy 2099 CDSunspot ft Living Legends
Label: Outhouse Records
Year: 2002
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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You know, it seems like every week Sunspot has something else released. Props to this guy for dropping shit left and right for us to hear. In 2002 it was Unsigned and Hella Broke Volume 5. And for all those who don't know, Sunspot drops almost all of the production on these releases. A lot of cuts which are dope and a few cuts that feature all the Legends and others. But there are some Legends on every cut, that is, unless it's an instrumental. There are a couple of those tucked into here. This album is dope. Just like the previous four UHB releases. Get it. Legends baby!!!!

Compiled by Sunspot Jonz. Produced by Sunspot Jonz except 14 produced by the Grouch and 4 produced by Sunspot and DJ Quietstorm. Cuts by DJ Bonez and DJ Quietstorm.

1.Living Legends - 'Eye For An Eye' click to listen
2.Eligh and BFAP - 'The Web'
3.Mystik Journeymen& Trey - 'Millenium' click to listen
4.Luckyiam (PSC) - 'Plugged In'
5.The Hole In Me 4 Track (Beatdie Delite)
6.Equipto,Kirby Dominant,&Sunspot -'Strike'
7.Mystik Journeymen& Arata - 'Think'
8.Eligh - 'Struggle Continues'
9.Mystik Journeymen - 'Have'n Fun'
10.Gingivites (Beatdie Delite)
11.Tunz & Destrukto - 'Slowpoke' click to listen
12.C&C Intro
13.C&C Intro
14.Grouch Matthou & BFAP - 'What You See'
15.Y Do U Fake? (Beatdie Delite)
16.BFAP, Luckyiam (PSC), The Grouch, Scarub - 'MMmm' click to listen
17.BFAP,Luckyiam (PSC),The Grouch,Scarub-'Life Is But A Dream'
18.Lost Groove (Beatdie Delite)

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