Fat Jack - Cater to the DJ 2xCD

Fat Jack - Cater to the DJ 2xCDFat Jack
Label: Celestial Recordings
Year: 1999
Price: $17.95
Format: CD

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Disc 1
1.Fat Jack - 'Y'Know What I'm Saying?'
2.The A-Team - 'We Like Breakbeats'
3.Aceyalone - 'Gimme Five Feet'
4.Rifleman Ellay Khule - 'I'm Khule'
5.Busdriver - 'Life Or Death'
6.Trend - 'You Wanna What?'
7.R.E.A.L. - 'Real Ghetto Soldiers'
8.P.E.A.C.E. - 'I Don't Gang Bang'
9.Rick Konvick - 'Bill'
10.Volume 'Big Tension' - 'Hooray'
11.Otherwize - 'Sixteen Cents'
12.Smooth 7 - 'For The Love Of Hip-Hop'
13.Jizzm High Definition - 'I'll Put You On'
14.Minister Too Bad - 'Too Bad Interlude'
15.Minister Too Bad - 'Demo Stage'
16.Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique - 'Ooh Sha Sha'
17.Jayne Doe The Oracle - 'The Pure'
18.O.M.D. - 'Counter Clockwise'
19.Awol One - 'For Me?'
20.Medusa - 'How We Become One'
Disc 2
1.Abstract Rude - 'Cater To The DJ'
2.Phoenix Orion - 'How Many?'
3.P.E.A.C.E. - 'It's A Packed House'
4.Jizzm High Definition - 'Looking For Somethin'
5.Ganjah KMC - 'Scud Missle'
6.R.E.A.L. - 'Mine Fields'
7.Li'l Scorpion - 'Daddy The Elephant'
8.Aceyalone - 'Golden Mic'
9.Busdriver - 'Drive Safe'
10.Big Arch (Dolla Holla) - 'I Had Flow From The Git Go'
11.Puzoozoo Watt - 'Everyday MC Work'
12.Otherwize - 'A Wize Man's Advice'
13.DK Toon - 'Yo Attitude Shows'
14.Abstract Rude - 'Rudeboy Represents'
15.J Smoov - 'Wrong MC'
16.Terradactyl - 'Lies, Lies, And More Lies'
17.Dutchman - 'Hip Hop Life'
18.St. Mark 9:23 - 'I Wonder'
19.Dark Zeied - 'Affirmations Of Life'

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