The Grouch - F*ck The Dumb CD

The Grouch - F*ck The Dumb CDThe Grouch
Label: Legendary Music
Year: 1998
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Format: CD

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The fourth and probably one of Grouch's most heralded and highly regarded albums still to this day. Fuck the Dumb is a masterpiece within itself. As the name implies, it doesn't take Grouch a lot of words to get his point across. Some heavy bangers on this one as well as some extremely beautiful tracks that go hand in hand. Extremely well-rounded piece of music.

Track 4 produced by Eligh and track 17 produced by Bizarro. All other tracks produced by The Grouch.

1.I'm Here (Get the Picture)
2.All Natural
4.Congestion (feat. Eligh)
5.Itchin for a... (feat. Bicasso)
6.Nothing Changing click to listen
7.Bangers click to listen
8.Till the Endathis
9.Another Nut
10.Cool Out Time
11.Symbolism (feat. Luckyiam (PSC))
12.5 second space on cd
13.You're Not the One click to listen
14.Put it Down (For Ya'll)
15.Frustrated click to listen
16.Yudontknow click to listen
17.A Matter A Fact (feat. Bicasso)
18.Drain Me
19.Once Upon a Rhyme click to listen

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Classic, November 28, 2007
By: Sweet Therapy - See all my reviews

This album has helped define Grouch as an artist. The simple clean melodic beats set as a perfect background for that classic Living Legend style. Tracks such as "Nothing Changing" and "Once Upon a Rhyme" show the real passion for his craft and struggle that he has gone through. None the less this one's a classic and everyone should have it in their music collection! A Bumper Indeed! Your friends will be like.....damn what's that your listening to? Can you get me some.

Classic underground, October 26, 2007
By: Duffy - See all my reviews

Classic underground hip hop, The Grouch is one of the dopest out there. I love this album.

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