The CMA - Overall CD

The CMA - Overall CDThe CMA
Label: Legendary Music
Year: 1999
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Format: CD

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One of my favorite albums of all time. Grouch rules the production coming with the most 'G' shit I've ever heard. Released in '98 but sounds like it was released only yesterday. It just doesn't get old.

Tracks 2,3,5,6-11,& 17 produced by The Grouch. Track 4 produced by Slurface Tone. Track 12 produced by 427. Track 13 by Grouch and co-produced by Bizarro. Track 14 produced by Elusive. Track 15 Dsharp.

1.When??? (feat. Arifa / Christian)
2.The CMA click to listen
3.Luke Warm (feat. Izadoe)
4.Overall click to listen
5.My Shoes click to listen
6.Free Will
7.Why I Crew (feat. Pep Love) click to listen
8.Road Trip click to listen
9.Bored in the O (skit) (feat. Shymel)
10.Whatchahere4? click to listen
11.U might Knock This... (feat. Murs)
12.The Best (you neva heard ov) click to listen
13.2 help the Weak.End
14.No Easy Way (feat. Pep Love)
16.Pre-Sale (skit) (feat. Arifa / Zack Twist)
17.$ouledOut. (feat. N8 the GR8) click to listen

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One of the LL Crew's finest albums! (5 Stars), March 7, 2008
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

I find it downright confusing that so many people have found this album to be simply "average". I was first exposed to CMA's "All Over", and loved it, which lead me to buy "Overall". At first listen I found this record to be better in the way of beats, rapping, and the overall hunger and soul that the Living Legends bring forth to their music. The beats are definitely not as "mainstream" or "expensive" sounding as the crew's newer records, but they do possess an addictive G-Funk laced swagger that is unmatched by either The Grouch's or Luckyiam.PSC's discography. The Grouch handles most of the production, and the beats knock hard. As far as rapping goes, this is grade "A" Living Legends. They are simply out to destroy the competition, and that's exactly what they bring forth. "The CMA", "Overall" & "U Might Knock This..." are at the top of this crew's game. If you are a Living Legends fan (and any true hip-hop head should be), you simply need this album in your collection!

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