Mitchy Slick - Featuring Mitchy Slick CD

Mitchy Slick - Featuring Mitchy Slick CDMitchy Slick
Label: Wrong Kind Records
Year: 2016
Price: $8.95
Format: CD

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San Diego OG, Mitchy Slick, has been on a quest to conquer the West. Still giving you that grit and grunge of urban survival. Hosted by Sam Hoody, who has collected some of the best Mitchy tracks never brought together on one disc before.

1.Bad Lucc, Trick, Mitchy Slick, Fred Godson - ''Hood 2 Hood''
2.BH, Conrad, Mitchy Slick - ''On That Dumb Shit''
3.CellyRu, Mitchy Slick, Mozzy - ''Almost Shitted''
4.Compton Menace, Mitchy Slick, Kartune - ''MHG Real Niggas''
5.Preddy Boy, Mitchy Slick - ''Que Pasa
6.Daz Dilly, Mitchy Slick, A ''Lexxus - Overtime''
7.Slim 400, Mitchy Slick - ''All My Niggas Been Whoopin''
8.Lil June, Mitchy Slick, Cousin Fik, Lil Goofy, Ed Mackin - ''Do It For A Bitch''
9.Gee Gee Bstone, Mitchy Slick - ''Nan Nigga''
10.Half Ounce, Mitchy Slick, 2 Eleven, Shorty Mack - ''Twerk 4 It''
11.Guce J, Mitchy Slick, AGeezy - '' Til My Casket Drop''
12.Don Elway, Mitchy Slick - ''Wit The Bizness''
13.Mitchy Slick, V8, OsoOcean, Ise B, Mak90 - ''So Cal State Of Mind''
14.Big Gipp - ''Lincoln Park Party''
15.Ric Nutt, Ise B, Mitchy Slick - ''PABB''
16.D-Lo, Mitchy Slick, Compton Menace - ''Keep It On The D - Lo''
17.Mak 90, Mitchy Slick, Mada - ''Kobain''
18.Mitchy Slick, Oso Ocean - ''Imperial''
19.Kokane, Mitchy Slick - ''Time Is Movin On''
20.Damu, Mitchy Slick - ''Legends''

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