White Mic (Bored Stiff) - The Vegetable Adventures 3xCD

White Mic (Bored Stiff) - The Vegetable Adventures 3xCDWhite Mic (Bored Stiff)
Label: Solidarity Records
Year: 2016
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Format: CD

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Three complete albums on 3 CDs: White Mic & Deuce Eclipse's new one, ''The Vegetable & The Bandidos,'' plus the previously released ''The Vegetable & The Alien by White Mic & AgentStrikNine and ''The Vegetable & The Ferret'' by White Mic & Z-Man.

Disc 1: The Vegetable & The Ferret
1.The Garden
2.Riff Raff (feat. Akil)
3.Slippen Away
4.Freestylin (feat. Fluent)
5.Name Droppers
6.We Did (feat. Nim-One / Jules The Janitor)
7.Bring It Back (feat. Bored Stiff)
8.Your Beautiful
9.Bonus Track (feat. Equipto)
Disc 2: The Vegetable & The Alien
2.That's Jupiter (feat. Self Jupiter)
3.Like New
4.Rocket Science (feat. Count Bass D)
5.Wavy Gravy Raps (feat. the farmer)
6.Self Destruction (feat. PitchBlackGold)
7.WE Conform (feat. Equipto / Word Up)
8.Social Media (feat. Moka Only)
9.We Outta Here (feat. MF Grimm)
10.Martian MC's (feat. Lesk One / P.W. Esquire / Nim-One / Dave Dub)
Disc 3: The Vegetable & The Bandidos
1.V&B (feat. Self Jupiter)
2.Stompin Through The Jungle
3.Welcome To The Village (feat. 2Mex)
4.Rebel Girl
5.Kidnapped (feat. Mr. Lif)
6.Farmer tRap
7.Sweatshop (feat. Amani)
8.Gun Store (feat. PitchBlackGold)
9.The Nite B4 (feat. Gel Roc / One Be Lo / Equipto / Bambu)

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