Estee Nack & Purpose - 14 Forms Cassette

Estee Nack & Purpose - 14 Forms CassetteEstee Nack & Purpose
Label: Ill Adrenaline Records
Year: 2015
Price: $11.95
Format: Cassette

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''Tragic Allies Presents... Estee Nack & Purpose - 14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack'' is the long-awaited new release from Tragic Allies, their first full-length album since the 2011 smash ''The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good & Evil.''

In 2015, Tragic Allies are delivering yet another gift to the legacy of the golden age. This time the Allies' frontmen Estee Nack and Purpose come together with plans on further solidifying Tragic Allies as a dominant force in hip-hop. After making notable appearances on Tragic Allies' classic debut album ''The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil'' as well as 2013's underground smash album 7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi) ''Golden Era Music Sciences'', an ideologically refreshed Estee Nack drops what he considers to be his testament of truth, justice and righteousness unto those -- who like him (1st generation American born to immigrants from the Dominican Republic) -- were raised combating the daily trials and tribulations of survival in minority-majority, low-income neighborhoods. Nack lets us know how serious he is about preserving the purity of his overall message by handling all the mic work on the entire album, equipping his rugged vocal delivery to manifest topics ranging from the struggle and pride of immigrants (particularly Dominicans) in America and abroad, to his ideas on the social structure, fake friends, sex, and the science of the universe.

The front-to-back play-worthy musical backdrops are ingeniously mapped by Purpose who continues to carve his legacy as a great producer, after providing stellar production on the previously released 7 G.E.M.S. and Paranom albums, offering a folk-like array of dark, funky basslines, dusty drum patterns and mellow-dreary melodic landscapes that -- while remaining grimy and dark (true to the Purpose influenced Tragic Allies sound) -- are reminiscent to a more grassroots sound, if not a deep inner city blues.

1.Lazy Day Chillin' (The Setting)
2.Allies Are Navy Seals
3.Churches, Music & Politics
4.Sex Or Chess
5.When I Get High
6.Golden Guillotines
7.Intermission (feat. Kingasiatic Allah)
9.Incriminating Thoughts
10.Brown Fly (Amor De Pendejo)
11.Love N' Lust
12.Snow Cap Mountains
13.The Science Of The Universe
14.Who Am I (The Closing)

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