Midnight Runners - Open Labs Cassette

Midnight Runners - Open Labs CassetteMidnight Runners
Label: Omega Supreme Records
Year: 2015
Price: $7.95
Format: Cassette

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Limited to 500 copies worldwide, ''Open Labs'' is Indonesian native Midnight Runners' debut release on standout modern funk imprint Omega Supreme. Features guest spots from Regular People Affair, Azumi and Iskandar Surya, of Indonesia's burgeoning funk and disco scene.

Indonesian native, MIDNIGHT RUNNERS, transmits 8 songs from the city of Bandung, where the industrialized creative community and the island's tropical rainforest meet. Known in the city's musical circles for disco/funk sample based music, MIDNIGHT RUNNERS has transformed the studio with the vintage analog gear that he used to sample, giving the multi-instrumentalist the ability to arrange and perform in the ways of his teachers on record.

''OPEN LABS'' is dripping wet with deep grooves built on foundations of live drums and drum machines twisted together to light the fuse on explosive synth arrangements and thick baselines. For dance floors and lifestyles alike, each song is masterfully crafted with a sensibility that uniquely molds industry and nature harmoniously. Interweaving synth and slap bass lines with hard sultry melodics, carrying listeners through the rubble of city life to the mist of the tropics, on a path to where the vantage point enjoys both.

1.Cold Intimacy
2.Frequency Warning (feat. Regular People Affair)
3.Star Echoes (feat. Iskandar Surya)
4.Saturday Love (feat. Iskandar Surya)
5.Drive Into The Night
6.Sink and Float
7.Micro Boogie Island (feat. Azumi)
8.On The Loose

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