Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck 12" Single

Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck 12" SingleWu-Tang Clan
Label: Get On Down
Year: 2015
Price: $19.95
Format: Vinyl

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Wu-Tang Clan's first ever 12'' presented in an exclusive Record Store Day 2015, split yellow & black colored vinyl pressing!

In 1993 the hip-hop world was bumrushed by a force that would dominate its consciousness for the rest of the decade: the nine-member Wu-Tang Clan. This is the song that started it all.

Originally self-released on cassette and vinyl (with producer and group patriarch The RZA's Staten Island home address on the label), the song blew up in a way that has rarely been equaled in the hip-hop world. The grassroots groundswell it created is part of what built the Wu-Tang legend and kept it strong.

The song is a driving, dusty musical assault, beat and lyrics, thanks to eight out of nine group members attacking the mic (Masta Killa was absent), one by one, each showing his unique flow and methodic madness, from GZA's even keel to Ol' Dirty Bastard's manic train of thought. Within months of first exploding on college radio, the song was dominating mainstream hip-hop shows around the world. Eventually picked up by Loud Records, it remains one of the most explosive hip-hop posse cuts of all time, full of intelligence, righteous indignation (at record labels who had dropped and dissed various members of the crew) and raw power.

This limited edition vinyl sold out at Access on Record Store Day, April 18, 2015.

1.Protect Ya Neck (Radio Edit)
2.Protect Ya Neck (Shao Lin Version)
3.Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version)
4.Method Man (Radio Edit)
5.Method Man (Smoked Out Version)
6.Method Man (Home Grown Version)
7.Method Man (Bonus Beats)

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