Kool Keith - Demolition Crash Cassette

Kool Keith - Demolition Crash CassetteKool Keith
Label: Junkadelic Music
Year: 2015
Price: $11.95
Format: Cassette

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A founding member of the Ultramagnetic Mc's, Kool Keith aka Dr Octagon aka Black Elvis, aka Dr Dooom, aka Tashan Dorrsett has been crossing eras, remaining sharp, exploring unknown lyrical territories and musical worlds, collaborating with an eclectic range of artists such as Roger Troutman, O.D.B, The Prodigy, Tricky or Deltron to name a few. Don't call him a legend, he is real and in full effect.

Demolition Crash is Kool Keith's 19th studio album. Mainly produced by genius, Paris-based alternative DJ & producer Junkaz Lou (Love & Danger, Tashan Dorrsett), co-produced by Kool Keith himself alongside Memphis producer and label mate Mr. Sche (Magnetic Pimp Force Field), 'Demolition Crash' is a massive 37 tracks double album delivering hard, dark but still funky music. Samples, drums, computers, scratches, machines and live instruments come together to create an evolutive background for Keith's lyrical madness.

''Strip Club Husband'' is a track to throw your hand up in the air to as you bang your head to the bass and synths. The lyrics are raw and descriptive as always. Keith comes through on 26 tracks' worth of material!

1.Jiggaman 2nd Verse
2.I Can Make This Work (feat. Santa)
3.Monkey (feat. Kidricc James / Willie B Baller)
4.Durant & Westbrook (feat. Prince Metropolis Known)
5.Eldorado (feat. AG)
6.Ali Baba
7.Paradise (feat. Megabone)
8.Good Black Woman
9.Non Stop (feat. Rah Digga)
10.Upset (feat. Shade Clock / Fred Beanz)
11.Freak Out (feat. KidMiddi)
12.Clappin' A Hoe (feat. Big Sche Eastwood)
13.Freaky Autotune (feat. KidMiddi)
14.Ricky Flair (feat. Big Sche Eastwood)
15.Apollo Creed (Bonus Track)
16.Where I'm At
17.Strip Club Husband
18.Reptile (feat. Big Sche Eastwood)
19.Spinning Wheels (feat. Mr Wonderful)
20.Classy (feat. Mr Klutch / KidMiddi)
21.Euphoric R&B
22.500 Horsepower (feat. Big Sche Eastwood)
23.Super Charged (feat. Black Silver / Shade Clock)
24.Finger Pop (feat. Prince Metropolis Known)
26.Pro Basketball
27.Wheelchair Beast (feat. Prince Metropolis Known)
28.Its Alright
29.Maracula (Bonus Track) (feat. AG)

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