Various Artists - Collision Remixed Cassette

Various Artists - Collision Remixed CassetteVarious Artists
Label: Cascade Records
Year: 2014
Price: $14.95
Format: Cassette

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Mastered by Amin Payne and issued in a very limited run of 100 aqua blue cassettes.

Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom's 'Collision' get revisited by a dream team of producers worldwide. Witness a whole new journey as each artist remixes a track from the album and displays their interpretation.

''After the success of 'Collision' by AP x 3B , the challenge was high to elevate this classic collaboration album into a Remix edition. The resulting combination is one of the dopest remix album you'll hear. Containing 10 tracks which feels like you've listened to a new full length album from start to finish. Based on the main ingredients of the original one, covering a variety of styles, and each individual song is so incredibly well developed that you can really get lost in the music. Experience this journey.'' -Sal Martin

Limited edition Cassette tape for International Cassette Store Day September 27, 2014.

1.A Long Time (Moods Remix)
2.Uturn Meon (Suff Daddy Remix)
3.LayLow (mfp Remix)
4.Destiny (Evil Needle Remix)
5.Moon To Mars (Melodiesinfonie Remix)
6.Uturn Meon (Elaquent Remix)
7.Moon To Mars (Submerse Remix)
8.Destiny (Chief Remix)
9.Sunset On Saturn (Budamunk Remix)
10.AP X 3B - 'Metroid' (bonus track)

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