Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation... DLX CD+DVD

Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation... DLX CD+DVDPublic Enemy
Label: Def Jam
Year: 2014
Price: $32.95
Format: CD+DVD

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The Deluxe 2xCD+DVD Edition of It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back includes the original album, executive produced by Rick Rubin, and produced by Hank Shocklee and Carl Ryder (aka Chuck D.), better known as the Bomb Squad. It features the classic tracks, ''Bring the Noise,'' ''Don't Believe the Hype,'' ''Louder Than a Bomb'' and ''Rebel Without a Pause.'' The second disc includes 13 rare bonus mixes, among them the original ''No Noise'' version of ''Bring the Noise,'' instrumental versions of ''Rebel Without a Pause,'' ''Night of the Living Baseheads'' and ''Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos,'' as well as the soundtrack version of ''Fight the Power'' from Spike Lee's groundbreaking Do the Right Thing movie. The third disc is a DVD of the 1989 VHS release Fight the Power... Live, directed by Hart Perry and long unavailable for sale. It includes the original videos for ''Fight the Power,'' ''Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos'' and ''Night of the Living Baseheads'' along with several live performances.

Disc 1: The Album
1.Countdown To Armageddon
2.Bring The Noise
3.Don't Believe The Hype
4.Cold Lampin' With Flavor
5.Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic
6.Mind Terrorist
7.Louder Than A Bomb
8.Caught, Can We Get A Witness?
9.Show 'Em Whatcha Go
10.She Watch Channel Zero?!
11.Night Of The Living Baseheads
12.Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos
13.Security Of The First World
14.Rebel Without A Pause
15.Prophets Of Rage
16.Party For Your Right To Fight
Disc 2: Bonus Tracks
1.Bring The Noise (No Noise Version)
2.Bring The Noise (No Noise Instrumental)
3.Bring The Noise (No Noise A Cappella)
4.Rebel Without A Pause (Instrumental)
5.Night Of The Living Baseheads (Anti-High Blood Pressure Encounter Mix)
6.Night Of The Living Baseheads (Terminator X Meets DST And Chuck Chill Out Instrumental Mix)
7.Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic (No Need To Panic Radio Version)
8.The Edge Of Panic
9.The Rhythm, The Rebel (A Capella)
10.Prophets Of Rage (Power Version)
11.Caught, Can We Get A Witness? (Pre Black Steel Ballistic Felony Dub)
12.B-Side Wins Again (Original Version)
13.Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (Instrumental)
14.Fight The Power (Soundtrack Version)
Disc 3: Fight The Power Live DVD
1.Countdown to Armageddon
2.Public Enemy Number One
3.Miuzi Weighs A Ton
4.Night Of The Living Baseheads (Live)
5.Fight The Power
6.Bring The Noise
7.Don't Believe The Hype
8.Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
9.Rebel Without A Pause
10.Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic
11.Night Of The Living Baseheads (Video)
12.Prophets Of Rage

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