J-Zone - Lunch Breaks Cassette

J-Zone - Lunch Breaks CassetteJ-Zone
Label: Redefinition Records
Year: 2014
Price: $10.95
Format: Cassette

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One word summary: DRUMS!

Enter the world of J-Zone, the self-proclaimed jack of all trades / master of none. Truth be told, J is one of Hip Hop's most underrated rapper / producer / author / drummers. The Iconic NYC native earned his stripes as a veteran producer and MC with a string of critically acclaimed albums in the late 90s-2000s and recently made his mark impact as an author with his honest and humorous look at the music biz in ''Root For The Villain.''

Redefinition Records & The Drum Broker are proud to bring you this special treat: J-Zone's ''Lunch Breaks'' is a compilation of original and familiar drum breaks performed and recorded by J-Zone. This break record/album is a must have for any drum aficionado, beatmaker, producer, or J-Zone fan. As a writer, producer, MC, and now Drummer, the Chief Chinchilla has earned himself a cult following that deserves nothing less than full attention. These are must have drums!

1.Squid Nuggets
2.Motown Marmalade
3.Pimp Chowder
4.Bayou Shrimp Soup
6.Ode To Sloppy Joe
7.Molotov Malt
8.Black And White Cookie
9.Maryland Crab Cakes
10.Stairstep Stew
11.Turkey Gizzard
12.Scrambled Eggs
13.Candy Kane
14.Ribeye Steak
15.Yams Pt. 1
16.(track name not available)
17.Frog Legs M1
18.Get Out My Life Mayo
19.Hipster Food Truck Taco
20.Sardines And Collard Greens
21.Smoked Alligator
22.Pancake Stax
23.Hoggslop M1
24.Pepper Was Too
25.Poundcake-Ism Parts 1 & 2
26.Poundcake-Ism Parts 3 & 4
27.Fried Quail
28.Fresh Sheep Sliders
29.Ginger Snaps 2
30.Escargot and Onion Rings

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