Main Flow - The Cincinnati Kid CD

Main Flow - The Cincinnati Kid CDMain Flow
Label: Wanna Battle Records
Year: 2014
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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Long-awaited new album by Main Flow, The Cincinnati Kid! 19 tracks featuring Reks, King Mag, Donte Fleming of Mood, Copywrite, Black Silver, Justin Werner, Apaulo 8 (Pauli Kipling), Vokab Kompany, Stacey Murray, MC Complex, Esoteric, and J Sands of Lone Catalysts.

Main Flow is an MC's MC and is an all around cool guy. Peep ''Best Around'' and you will feel the mellow styles of a real MC with so many nostalgic lines. He comes through with real flows over a sick keyboard beat that reminds you of summer. This is the type of album you bump when you are going out or even just chillin and gettin in your zone. Cop if you are a real head!

Produced by VR

1.Nati Kid (feat. Justin Werner)
2.Boomtown (feat. Justin Werner / Stacey Murray)
3.Gravity Escapes Me (feat. Vokab Kompany / Apaulo 8)
4.Blue and Whites (feat. J Sands / Esoteric)
5.Stimulus Package
6.Relax (feat. King Magnetic)
7.Changes (feat. MC Complex)
8.Fully Gone
9.Lost In The Rapture
10.The Best Around (feat. Justin Werner)
11.Street Prophets (feat. Copywrite)
12.Sunny (feat. Foxxwashington)
13.Stay Focused (feat. Black Silver / Justin Weaver)
14.Something To See (feat. Solicit)
15.The Way I Talk (feat. Young Loot)
16.Droppin' Grenades (feat. Donte (Mood))
17.When Tomorrow Comes (feat. Justin Werner)
18.Poverty's Paradise (feat. Reks)
19.Come Back (feat. Justin Werner)

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