Z-Man & Elon - The Opening Act CD

Z-Man & Elon - The Opening Act CDZ-Man & Elon
Label: Gurp City
Year: 2014
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Format: CD

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With Z-Man on the raps and Elon on the beats, ''The Opening Act'' is the classic tale of an indie rap artist trying to build his career while on tour as an opening act, with all the hang ups and business issues and hip hop politics that go with such a music industry scenario.

San Francisco Bay Area MC Z-Man built a sizable rep as a charismatic performer starting in the late 90s, putting in time with Sacred Hoop, Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters and more. He became known for his unusual flow, subject matter, extensive slang and comical party centric tales. His highest profile album to date was 2003's ''Dope or Dog Food,'' while signed to the Hieroglyphics Imperium.

Elon aka aka Young Lon and his group Sunset Leagues have put out many independent releases since the mid 90's, and he has worked with Disflex6, Lex Records, Hieroglyphics, Om Records and others.

Z-Man first collaborated with Elon in 2002 on a track from Elon's ''Atomik Age'' album, and later on the ''Anti Nerd'' tour album. Now they are back with their long-awaited official album collaboration, ''The Opening Act''!

All tracks produced by Elon except tracks 9, 11 & 17 produced by Elon and Jason the Argonaut. Cuts by Lady Fingaz (tracks 6 & 7) and by DJ Quest (12). Cover art by Z-Man.

1.Short Neck VM
2.He Doin' It
3.Microphone's Mine
4.Hotel Room
5.Bottle At Your Baby (feat. Luck Sick)
6.She's The DJ I'm The Rapper (feat. Lady Fingaz)
7.Poorly Promoted
8.On the Road (feat. Gingerbread)
9.Wack Flyers
10.Cypher Outside the Show (feat. Johanna Phraze)
11.Art Show
12.American New Jack
13.Enthusiastic VM
14.I'm Here Now
15.Not Too Encouraging VM
16.Can't Sleep At Night (feat. Eddie K / Brandon B (aka Trunk Drank))
17.Ain't That Type of Tour
18.Runnin' Late (feat. Hopie)
19.Innercity Dreams
20.All Day
21.Encouraging VM
22.Rappers & Bad Bitches (feat. Opio / Pep Love)
23.Interview VM

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