Ghostface & Apollo Brown - Twelve Reasons/Brown Tape Cassette

Ghostface & Apollo Brown - Twelve Reasons/Brown Tape CassetteGhostface & Apollo Brown
Label: Soul Temple Entertainment
Year: 2013
Price: $8.95
Format: Cassette

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A tale of gangsters, betrayal and one vengeful soul hunting the twelve most powerful crime lords in the world. Whether an avid listener of Apollo Brown or not, there's no arguing that the beats on this album deliver.

This version of ''Twelve Reasons to Die'' is an alternative to the original version recorded over production by Adrian Younge. Entitled ''The Brown Tape'' because at first it was on cassette only, but purely as a ridiculously limited promotional bonus with the Adrian Younge-produced CD. Now those who missed the promotion have a second chance!

1.Beware The Stare
2.Rise Of The Black Suits
3.Declare War
4.Blood On The Cobblestones
5.Center Of Attraction
6.Enemies All Around Me
7.An Unexpected Call
8.Rise Of The Ghostface Killah
9.Revenge Is Sweet
10.Murder Spree
11.The Sureshot [Parts 1 And 2]
12.Beware The Stare (Instrumental)
13.Rise Of The Black Suits (Instrumental)
14.Declare War (Instrumental)
15.Blood On The Cobblestones (Instrumental)
16.Center Of Attraction (Instrumental)
17.Enemies All Around Me (Instrumental)
18.An Unexpected Call (Instrumental)
19.Rise Of The Ghostface Killah (Instrumental)
20.Revenge Is Sweet (Instrumental)
21.Murder Spree (Instrumental)
22.The Sureshot [Parts 1 And 2] (Instrumental)

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