G-Clef Da Mad Komposa - The Producer v.2 CD

G-Clef Da Mad Komposa - The Producer v.2 CDG-Clef Da Mad Komposa
Label: Chambermusik Records
Year: 2014
Price: $16.95
Format: CD

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Veteran producer, musician, and emcee G-Clef da Mad Komposa brings forth his first offering in several years, in the form of two volumes of work, featuring various songs he has produced, for Hip-Hop luminaries such as Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugz & Harmony), Ced Gee (Ultramagnetic), Sha Stimuli, Buddha Monk (ODB), Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang), Harlem 6 (Wu-Tang), Black Jesus (Gangstarr Foundation/Harlem 6), Krumbsnatcha (Gangstarr Foundation),Christbearer (Wu-Tang/ Northstar), Fes Taylor, DJ JS-One, and many others... peep it!

Get a feel for G-Clef on his dusty sample based track with a tripped out horn on ''Blown out da Frame'' feat. D The Dragon / Metatron. The track reminds me some old Jeru The Damaja. Another dope track is ''Delta Forcer 2007'' by Lost Secret ft. Ced Gee. If you like Gang Starr and that sick jazzy steady flow then peep this track and you will reminisce to the sample that 9th Wonder has used. Sick sh**!!!

1.Popa Chief - 'Hip-Hop' (feat. G-Clef)
2.Buddha Monk - 'Sound of Silence' (feat. Desiree)
3.Jus-P - 'Real'
4.Solomon Childs - 'One Eye Open' (feat. Fes Taylor / Hanz On)
5.Dungeon Masta - 'Failure Is Not An Option'
6.Black Jesus, Krumbsnatcha, JS-One - 'Greatness Unveils Righteous Understanding (G.U.R.U.)'
7.Solomon Childs - 'World (Remix)'
8.Sha Stimuli - 'Follow the Leader (Remix)'
9.Fes Taylor - 'The Other Side' (feat. Mark Dee)
10.Harlem 6 - 'The Wu Strikes Back'
11.Los Secret - 'The Biff Song' (feat. Christbearer)
12.Buddha Monk - 'We Roll in Brooklyn (Remix)' (feat. Zu Manchuz / Mark Dee)
13.Dungeon Masta - 'Blown out da Frame' (feat. D The Dragon / Metatron)
14.Solomon Childs - 'Suicide Story' (feat. G.S. Advance)
15.Bizzy Bone - 'Bone'
16.Solomon Childs - 'Hustle' (feat. Buddha Monk / Menace O.B.E.Z.)
17.Lost Secret - 'Delta Force 2007' (feat. Ced Gee)

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