Royal Flush - Grand Capo CD

Royal Flush - Grand Capo CDRoyal Flush
Label: Grand Papa Tra
Year: 2015
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Format: CD

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Queens rapper Royal Flush teams up with Swiss beatmaker Grand Papa Tra for the heaviest indie hip-hop album you might hear this year: ''Grand Capo.'' The album showcases the talent of two very gifted artists, blending Royal Flush's legendary heavy raps fused with Grand Papa Tra's sound signature which merges real classic New York hip-hop elements with fresh and organic sounds.

Royal Flush's family of artists gets deeply involved in this creative process. Rap beasts such as Sean P, Lil Fame (MOP), Illa Ghee, Nutso, Mic Geronimo, and more, provide us with some of the finest skills out of New York.

Royal Flush and Grand Papa Tra first collaborated in 2011 on the tracks ''Space Ship'' with Mic Geronimo off the ''Lost in New York'' album on Grand Papa Tra's label. A good connection and the fact that it was the right time to build something together convinced Royal Flush and Grand Papa Tra to deepen the collaboration and have this raw street flow laid on amazing deep beats in a full-length album. Grand Papa Tra therefore moved to NY in 2013 for a few months and they started to get busy with this project. The result is ''Grand Capo'', a smashing collision between two creative minds with strong backgrounds in hip-hop.

From uncompromising hood ambiences, bewitching analog dusty loops and powerful beats, ''Grand Capo'' exhibits a rich pallet of atmospheres and attitudes. Blending deft production with unique raps, ''Grand Capo'' truly is a new classic from two driving forces in the hip-hop scene.

1.Ol Dirty Intro (feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard)
2.Shadow Of The Streets (feat. Illa Ghee)
3.Evil Spirit (feat. Starvin B)
4.Flushtown (feat. Nutso)
6.Sucka Free (feat. Lil Fame / Illa Ghee / Meyhem Lauren)
7.Keep It Live
8.Beasting (feat. Sean Price)
9.Swarm Music (feat. Starvin B)
10.This Is Killing Everyone (feat. Pop Severe)
11.MFM (feat. Mic Geronimo / Mic Handz)
12.Hoodness Part 2 (feat. Bam)
13.Hip Hop (feat. Atlas / Nokti)
14.Stayin Alive (feat. Noble / Pop Severe )

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