Various Artists - Encryption Cipher LP

Various Artists - Encryption Cipher LPVarious Artists
Label: Pittsburgh Modular Records
Year: 2014
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Format: Vinyl

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Merging retro with futuristic, Encryption Ciper is innovative, dystopian sci-fi hip-hop. The album's title draws connections between the art of remixing and the process of encoding and decoding analog information in the digital age.

Encryption Ciper presents talented MCs from Pittsburgh & beyond (including Action Bronson) in ways that they've never been heard before, accompanied by remixed beats that are are gritty and forward thinking.

For decades, creative hip-hop acts have sought out Herman Pearl (A.K.A. Soy Sos) and his studio, Tuff Sound Recording, to help perfect their sound. Now Pearl and Pittsburgh Modular Records have compiled Encryption Cipher, a series of remixes that will highlight his studio's talented clientele and Herman Pearl's unique production style. The productions heavily feature modular synthesis, a re-emerging music production method with a foundation firmly planted in Pittsburgh.

Ooowee this is on some super funk and soul hip hop ish'! Peep ''Onesy & Slippers'' ft. Action Bronson and you will feel the harmonies and fantastic horns. The beats and rhymes on the rest of the album are just as ill!

1.Hardo - 'Cut Throat (Soy Sos Remix)'
2.Kizzl - 'Already Did It (Soy Sos Remix)'
3.Crystal Seth - 'Onesy and Slippers (DJ Thermos Remix)' (feat. Action Bronson)
4.NeNe - 'I Don't Love Her'
5.Black Sun - 'Lightning In A Bottle (Soy Sos Remix)'
6.Boaz - 'Take Me Away'
7.Jon Quest & Shad Ali - 'Knights of the Templar (DJ Thermos Remix)'
8.Ras Maisha & Suliman Perez - 'Roots & Calabash (Soy Sos Remix)'

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