Luv NY - The Snake Tape Cassette

Luv NY - The Snake Tape CassetteLuv NY
Label: Red Apples 45
Year: 2014
Price: $9.95
Format: Cassette

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The Snake Tape is an EP that takes you on a journey from the South Bronx all the way uptown to Washington Heights Manhattan. Narrated by Kool Keith , AG of DITC, Kurious, Dave Dar, L-Fudge and Lord Tariq. Produced by Ray West. Side B contains bonus material in the form of remixes by The King of Chill , Billy Gomez , Phil Moffa & DJ Cresstal. Plus an unreleased track from the original LUVNY recording sessions.

Peep the soulful anthem that is awesome to lean to called ''Don't Know Why''. The lyrics are raw, descriptive and clean. ''Roll Call'' Ft. Lord Tariq is another slapper that has a haunting piano sample that will have wack rappers nervous! Limited so cop it quick!

1.BX Intro (feat. Lord Tariq)
2.Don't Know Why (feat. Kool Keith / Kurious)
3.Snake Charmer 3 (feat. AG / Kurious / Dave Dar)
4.Role Call (feat. Lord Tariq)
5.Ahead of Time (feat. AG)
6.Hit-Men Prelude (feat. Dave Dar / L. Fudge)
7.Stereotypes (feat. Dave Dar / L. Fudge)
8.It's A City (feat. Kool Keith)
9.Snake Charmer (Cresstal Mix)
10.Snake Charmer (SP1200 Remix) (feat. Billy Gomez)
11.TRUTH (Phil Moffa Remix)
12.Ahead of Time (King of Chill Remix)
13.Me and Mine (feat. Dave Dar)

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